Teads + Moat Honored by Digiday for Best Video Ad Tech Innovation

June 30, 2020 | 3 minute read
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By David Shaw, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Teads & Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Moat, Oracle Data Cloud

Marketers depend on innovative solutions to help advance them through the complex landscape of digital advertising. Having the right tools helps marketers ensure they are on the cutting-edge, gaining insights into their customers across channels and devices. These insights coupled with the ability to measure the impact of their campaigns enable them to drive better business results in a more cost-effective manner.

Together, Teads and Moat by Oracle Data Cloud have been honored by the Digiday Video Awards for providing the “Best Video Adtech Innovation” across the industry. According to Digiday, these awards “recognize the technology modernizing media and marketing.”

This year, the Digiday Video Awards were judged by an esteemed panel of senior executives and leaders from across the digital marketing ecosystem, including marketers, publishers, agencies, technology providers, and consultants.

For the award-winning collaboration, Teads partnered with Moat to build a solution empowering marketers to transact on VCPM and a CPCV at any selected duration. While the industry currently measures viewability for campaigns on total impressions, Teads and Moat collaborated on a custom integration that measures viewability on the selected Teads billing event as opposed to total impressions.

This solution unlocks the ability for clients to create their own viewability definition and only pay for 100% viewable impressions. Clients are billed for impressions that reach the selected duration while the rest of impressions are reported as free media. Moat measures the viewability score of the billed impressions to verify that they are 100% viewable which is reflected within the Teads Reporting UI. In addition, Teads reports campaign KPIs on billed impressions resulting in an uplift in campaign statistics since all paid impressions are viewable. This methodology provides marketers with a clearer understanding of the performance of their overall campaign including creative and targeting utilized as it eliminates the noise of non-viewable impressions.

Teads Guaranteed Outcomes is powered by Teads AI and Moat Analytics measurement data, enabling clients to obtain more cost efficiency vs optimizing to a specific duration, such as MRC, on a CPM pricing model. Not only is this solution more cost-effective, but buyers can frictionlessly enable and access Teads Guaranteed Outcomes through CPCV and VCPM pricing models.

For the Digiday Video Awards submission, Teads worked with the apparel brand, ASICS, to reveal insights and unlock new opportunities for the company to innovate on its campaigns. ASICS set out to test a head to head on CPM buy vs a VCPM buy for the same campaign.

The results? ASICS saw big gains including a 27% lift in viewability after five seconds on VCPM, vs. a baseline of 75% viewability on a CPM transaction for display. The results also included a 43% increase in viewability at six seconds compared to a baseline viewability of 68% for two seconds via CPM for video.

Working together, Teads and Moat are helping advertisers track their return on ad spend, while enabling them to make strategic decisions on what successful performance metrics look like for their campaigns.

For more information about Teads, The Global Media Platform, and our made-for-mobile ad experiences that deliver the best combination of mass reach and brand safety in the market, visit Teads.com.

For more information about Moat by Oracle Data Cloud and the full range of solutions, including brand safety, viewability, IVT detection, and attention metrics, please visit Moat.com.

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