Session Hijacked: A new advanced measurement capability for OTT and CTV

September 25, 2019 | 3 minute read
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Moat by Oracle Data Cloud is excited to announce the release of a new Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection metric for OTT (over-the-top) video and connected TV (CTV) called "Session Hijacked." This new measurement approach monitors OTT and CTV ad consumption patterns and flags non-human traffic and other suspicious behavior.

Within the advanced TV space, televisions now include embedded browsers, gaming platforms, and multiple set-top boxes that each create unique experiences. Not only is it an expansive attack surface for anyone with malicious intent to scan for vulnerabilities, but it’s a complicated environment that covers all types of viewing habits. Monitoring such a fragmented market requires advanced measurement capabilities, ideally built by trusted, third-party providers.

Session Hijacked’s advanced detection capability takes modern viewing habits into account, so a binge watcher intent on consuming several seasons of their favorite TV show in one sitting will not be flagged as a suspicious, impression-thieving bot.

Additionally, some OTT devices serve ads continuously even when the TV is off, and Session Hijacked has been designed to detect those impressions, even though they are not malicious. It is important to remember that not all invalid traffic or views are purposely fraudulent. Rigorous due diligence around the actual sources of traffic is key to better understanding all types of viewing audiences and device behavior.

“As cord-cutting continues to skyrocket, marketers want to ensure that their digital TV ads are viewable and are reaching real people,” said Dan Fichter, VP of Moat, Oracle Data Cloud. “Moat’s new SIVT metric in OTT helps give marketers confidence around the viewability and validity of their exposure in OTT, across all channels, apps, and environments. We are pleased to offer this additional level of transparency into SIVT for OTT so that advertisers can continue shifting linear TV dollars to digital with confidence.”

The rise in programmatic video viewing continues to be a main driver in today’s changing television advertising landscape. eMarketer estimates half of all digital advertising spend will be put towards video in 2019, including over-the-top video and connected TV. With more money being spent on non-traditional television media than ever before, it’s vital for stakeholders to pay attention to not only where their ads are being delivered but who (or what) is “viewing” them.

Moat by Oracle Data Cloud has been a leader in OTT measurement for years, having partnered with Sony Crackle in 2015 to provide a first-of-its-kind viewability measurement for OTT. Utilizing a state-of-the-art device lab, a dedicated team doing end-to-end testing, and several billion OTT and CTV impressions measured, the accuracy of our device detection is unparalleled.

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As increasing numbers of people change their viewing habits, Oracle Data Cloud is dedicated to helping advertisers better understand brand engagement in this new frontier. Providing insight into how, when, and where people are seeing brand advertising is the first step to understanding the value these new devices provide.

With close to $35 billion on the line in 2020, advanced TV media measurement capabilities are essential to successful digital campaigns. Marketers want—and need—a way to protect that investment.


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