The Pulse: Contextual targeting, industry growth, brand safety, and more

December 31, 2021 | 2 minute read
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The Pulse provides a monthly roundup of resources and insights from Oracle Advertising. Check out some of our latest thinking for digital advertisers, publishers, and the adtech industry.

Our latest adtech insights

Deepen your relationship with verification/brand safety companies

The Brand Safety Institute (BSI) chatted with Oracle Advertising’s Jay Pinho about how advertisers can create, maintain, and improve their relationships with verification and brand safety partners. Read the post >>

The role of contextual targeting in the new era of adtech

As we approach the end of third-party cookies, many companies are turning to contextual targeting for advertising purposes. Learn how contextual targeting is serving the new era of adtech. Read the post >>

The outlook for contextual solutions in data driven advertising & marketing

As contextual targeting continues to grow in popularity, the Winterberry Group explores both its past and present and what its resurgence will mean in an evolving advertising and media landscape. Read the report >>

Is the advertising industry growing or declining?

The recent disruptions to the global economy have many wondering about the state of advertising and where it's headed. As we march into 2022, let's take a closer look at the data to help answer this pressing question. Read the post >>

Adtech news

New connected TV capabilities within Oracle Moat help advertisers measure reach and frequency across campaigns

As consumer behavior continues to shift from traditional TV to multi-device and on-demand viewing (i.e. connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) media), advertisers are doubling down on CTV and OTT ad spend. Learn how Oracle Moat Measurement is helping advertisers effectively measure ad performance. Read the post >>

In a changing digital world, attention is a marketer’s most powerful asset

Successful digital advertising depends on much more than verification and measurement; it also requires customer attention. See how marketers are using Oracle Moat’s advanced attention metrics to understand the true impact their campaigns are having. Read the post >>

Webinar: “How Contextual Targeting Will Upgrade Your Ad Targeting Toolkit in 2022"

Despite being underused, contextual targeting is taking center stage as marketers reassess their media targeting in the era of cookie deprecation, privacy expectations, and increased media channels. Join executives from Oracle Advertising, Winterberry Group, and Omnicom Media Group as they discuss what’s in store for contextual targeting in the new year. Register for the webinar >>


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