Playwire amplifies digital ad revenue for publishers with Oracle Moat analytics

August 3, 2021 | 3 minute read
Alex Wallace
Content Marketing for Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience
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Playwire distinguishes itself in the competitive ad exchange market by focusing on ad revenue optimization for publishers and content developers. Unlike the traditional programmatic advertising model that promotes low ad costs (CPMs) for advertisers, the Playwire model stresses value for publishers through powerful measurement and reporting, and prominent ad placement to increase ad inventory profits.

The company provides "revenue amplification" for content providers, including mobile application developers, video streaming (OTT) channels, and 500+ websites and apps—including Toys “R” Us, Party City, Outfit7,, and In 2020, Playwire received the Digiday Technology Award for Best Monetization Platform for Publishers. The Digiday award recognizes Playwire’s innovation and comprehensive solutions, including direct ad sales, client- and server-side bidders, and machine learning-based predictive analytics.

“Customizable scale” expands reach for advertisers, revenue for publishers

Playwire’s “customizable scale” strategy focuses on providing differentiated ad units that can integrate into a variety of publishing properties quickly and seamlessly. This level of scalability requires the ability to run the Playwire ad units on any site and deliver unique ad experiences via video, display, or even gamification.

Importantly, this approach doesn’t burden advertisers or content developers with additional complexity or diminish measurement capabilities. Playwire recently applied this approach to leaderboard ads, which are often the most sought-after ad placements available to brands.  

“Our publishing partners look for high-impact ad units that are not just standard banners. To optimize ad revenue, we need to productize new capabilities that serve both niche and high-volume publishers easily,” said Jayson Dubin, CEO of Playwire. “Our new Flex Leaderboard Ad Unit addresses these needs by providing a branded ad unit that is seamless for both advertisers and publishers. And it provides the scalability to run on mobile and desktop for a true multichannel experience.”

Flex Leaderboard drives powerful ad performance

Playwire’s Flex Leaderboard Ad Unit is outperforming average leaderboard units across key metrics based on Oracle Moat benchmarks, including:

  • 149% average in-view time increase
  • 173% higher average universal interaction rate

Many clients are using Playwire's Flex Leaderboard to great success. As an example, one global brand’s consumer campaign running this year outperformed Oracle Moat’s in-view time benchmark by 368% and maintained an overall quality score of 848 out of 850.

In addition to performance, Playwire also puts a priority on ad verification and brand safety for publishers. Using both human insights and machine learning, Playwire has achieved an Oracle Moat brand safety rating of 99.8% for the entire ad inventory across its portfolio of publishers. Playwire also offers safe monetization for family-friendly brands with its COPPA-compliant and kidSAFE-certified Kids Club solution.

Measurement creates a common language for advertisers and publishers

“Oracle Moat is the gold standard for third-party measurement among ad agencies,” said Nathan Thomas, Senior Vice President of Ad Operations & Platform Solutions at Playwire. "As a trusted third-party source, Oracle Moat helps to validate our reporting, and enables us to focus on opportunities for advertisers and publishers."

Playwire uses Oracle Moat for viewability, engagement, brand safety/suitability, and invalid traffic (IVT). Oracle Moat’s attention metrics also help to reveal how consumers are engaging with ads across channels and devices.

“We're in a very fast-moving industry, which requires flexibility as we navigate changes quickly. Oracle is very responsive and works closely with us as we continue to launch new capabilities for digital publishers and expand globally,” said Thomas.

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Alex Wallace

Content Marketing for Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Alex draws from his B2B advertising and marketing experience to develop content for Oracle’s Advertising and Customer Experience blogs.

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