Oracle Moat wins trifecta of Adweek “Readers’ Choice” awards for brand safety, measurement & analytics, and fraud prevention

July 27, 2021 | 3 minute read
Mark Kopera
Head of Product, Oracle Moat
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It’s exciting to watch Formula 1 drivers twist and turn through circuits and closed roads as they compete for the top spot in a Grand Prix. How teams prepare, make race-time decisions and manage performance is critical to their success. For improved performance, four-time world champion Red Bull Racing Honda will use machine learning and advanced analytics to accelerate decision-making and boost performance on the track.

Measurement and associated analytics are also critical in marketing and advertising, and using this insight effectively can generate significant campaign wins.

Oracle Moat’s suite of solutions helps marketers reach potential customers, capture consumer attention, and drive outcomes for their business, clients, and partners. We combine best-in-class ad measurement, brand suitability, and invalid traffic (IVT) and ad fraud protection. And our advanced attention metrics reveal how consumers engage with ads across channels and devices including display, video, mobile, broadcast TV, and streaming services (CTV).

The Oracle Moat team has years of experience working with clients across the industry, including publishers, brands and agencies. As innovators pushing marketers to think outside of their usual scope, there is no group better equipped to help marketers nail performance and convey results.

Today, I’m honored to share that Oracle Moat won three categories in Adweek’s 2021 Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Partner Awards for brand safety, measurement and analytics, and fraud prevention. And we are in good company as Oracle received a total of six Adweek awards this year!

The Adweek readers who cast their votes for Oracle Moat and other adtech solutions included digital marketing leaders and their hands-on teams at advertising agencies and digital publishers. On behalf of the Oracle Moat team, I am grateful to receive top honors in the following categories:

  1. Brand Safety Solution – Oracle Moat: This is Oracle Moat’s third consecutive year winning this award. Oracle Moat’s brand safety offering enables marketers to optimize campaign results, maximize campaign budgets and reduce the risk to brand reputation.
  2. Measurement & Analytics: Digital & Mobile Display – Oracle Moat: For the second consecutive year, Oracle Moat has won this award. By providing insight beyond verification, Oracle Moat enables marketers to connect impressions with engaged audiences and measure effectiveness across channels.
  3. Fraud Prevention Platform – Oracle Moat: Oracle Moat’s MRC-accredited fraud prevention offering enables marketers to protect against wasted spend by identifying invalid traffic (IVT) and ad fraud. In fact, the Oracle Moat team recently exposed one of the industry’s largest connected television (CTV) ad fraud operations.

What’s next in measurement?

The online video gaming community continues to grow dramatically as nearly three billion consumers globally play regularly. Although gaming represents a significant opportunity to reach target audiences, marketers have been slow to spend in this relatively new channel due to challenges gauging campaign effectiveness.

To address this challenge, Oracle Moat recently announced the world’s first ad measurement technology for 3D in-game environments that helps marketers evaluate ad performance. Oracle Moat allows marketers to measure impressions delivery and general invalid traffic (GIVT) for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments. This is a first step to measuring viewability, ad effectiveness, and more elements of the in-game ad experience.

With a robust suite of measurement solutions, Oracle Moat delivers the tools needed to measure advertising effectiveness, including verification and attention, reach, and frequency, as well as sales lift measurement.

Winning three Adweek “Readers’ Choice” awards reflects our customers' confidence in Oracle Moat, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on this through new, innovative tools that allow marketers to make every impression more valuable.

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Mark Kopera

Head of Product, Oracle Moat

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