Oracle Moat Reach recognized as a currency contender by NBCUniversal

March 21, 2022 | 3 minute read
Julie Grondin
Sr Director. Product Marketing, Measurement
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The rapid evolution of the digital advertising landscape combined with the massive shifts in consumer behaviors has left marketers overwhelmed. Chief among their primary challenges: Finding an effective TV measurement solution that can keep up with the accelerated pace of change happening across an increasingly expansive media ecosystem.

To help marketers gain a better understanding of the current TV measurement economy, NBCUniversal has published a Measurement Framework Look Book. The guide serves as a thorough overview of audience measurement solutions, evaluating each provider based on the completeness of its solution, ability to deliver, and cross-platform currency readiness. As part of NBCUniversal’s extensive research looking at more than 120 solution providers, the media conglomerate lists Oracle as a strong currency contender measurement partner.

“Oracle Advertising is thrilled to be recognized by NBCUniversal for our continued achievements in audience and media measurement solutions,” said Mollie Spilman, Chief Revenue Officer for Oracle Advertising and Marketing. “Oracle Advertising is committed to supporting the development of next-generation measurement solutions. We will continue to identify new and innovative ways to deliver accurate and transparent measurement and develop solutions that inform a healthier advertising ecosystem.”

Key components of a trusted TV measurement solution

After undergoing a comprehensive review that included an RFP process, data evaluations, and a detailed questionnaire digging into cross-platform currency capabilities, Oracle was identified by NBCUniversal as a strong currency contender that is actively working to:  “Redefine how our industry transacts, and reconnect measurement to actual customers, by finally taking into account their cross-platform habits.”

As mentioned above, Oracle Moat Reach was evaluated by NBCUniversal on three key variables: 1. Completeness of solution, 2. Ability to deliver, and 3. Cross-platform currency readiness. To determine the completeness of a solution, NBCUniversal looked at multiple functions, including Oracle’s ability to measure all viewing sources, quality of ad occurrence sources, impression definition, de-duplication of audiences and identity.

The process for evaluating a solution’s delivery capabilities was just as thorough, analyzing Oracle’s ability to report accurate campaign impressions and reach across multiple sources, including linear, streaming, digital, VOD, OTA and OOH.

The cross-platform currency readiness evaluation process went beyond technology attributes, focusing on:  

  1. The length of time each company has been in market with a cross-platform product
  2. Product usage across buyers and sellers
  3. Overall agility
  4. Plans for MRC accreditation and/or transparency in the marketplace

NBCUniversal defined cross-platform currency readiness as: “An understanding of whether this company has deep expertise in advertising, media, and the full spectrum of digital and liner platform.”

TV measurement solutions: Catching up with the speed of change

The Measurement Framework Look Book is NBCUniversal’s initiative to help drive the advertising industry forward. According to Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact for NBCUniversal, marketers need new marketing yardsticks that are capable of keeping up with the speed of today’s consumers.

“To me, that destination is what my colleagues and I call ‘measurement independence’—a world where we’re no longer bound by legacy thinking and metrics,” writes Abcarian in the Measurement Framework Look Book’s introduction. “It’s a future where companies can choose to adopt multiple interoperable measurement systems to understand the fullest picture available, with the highest standards.”

Abcarian believes the future of advertising will require a robust market for measurement solutions that are effective, innovative, and impartial. As Abcarian explains it, the goal of the Measurement Framework Look Book is to, “Explore, evaluate, and ultimately, expand the measurement solutions available to us.”  

NBCUniversal’s drive toward measurement independence is a welcomed effort within the advertising industry, offering a necessary push to build a more accurate and competitive measurement future. It is the very reason Oracle and NBCUniversal have partnered on innovative measurement solutions across various platforms since 2014.


Learn more about Oracle Advertising and Oracle Moat Measurement.

Julie Grondin

Sr Director. Product Marketing, Measurement

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