Mobilizing Cross-Platform Measurement: A Moat Reach Video Series

March 25, 2021 | 2 minute read
Glenn Bean
Senior Director, Product Management
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With billions of dollars transacted on metrics that didn’t exist a few years ago, precision and rigor in detailed measurement matter more than ever before. Yet connecting and rationalizing fragmented data across multiple channels is still one of the most significant barriers in advertising.

For these reasons, we’ve made it our mission to make media planning and activation more effective and help marketers drive real business results. How, you ask? By building solutions to tie relevant audiences and give you a unified view of your customer from TV to digital.

To show you exactly how, we’ve created a video series highlighting Moat Reach and its ability to uncover new insights that enable true cross-channel clarity and promote informed decision-making around unique marketing goals. In the following videos, you’ll get an understanding of how Moat Reach enables you to:

  • Better monitor activation frequency

  • Avoid ad saturation across platforms

  • Pinpoint inefficient ads

  • And more

Avoid Ad Overload: How to Monitor Cross-Platform Saturation


Have you struggled with achieving your ad frequency goals? In the modern cross-platform advertising market, it can be a tricky detail to manage. But with the groundbreaking capabilities of Moat Reach and its single-view dashboard, monitoring cross-platform saturation and avoiding ad overload is now a simple task.

Pinpoint Inefficient Ads: Untangle Cross-Platform Performance

One of the biggest challenges in advertising is identifying waste, ranging from ads getting delivered to off-target audiences or ads hitting the same audiences too many times. In this video, learn more about how to better pinpoint inefficient ads by untangling cross-platform performance.

Go Beyond the Basics: Unlock Sophisticated Audience Profiling

In this video, learn how to spend your ad dollars more efficiently with a sophisticated approach to audience relevance.

Discover Next-Gen Viewability Measurement: Evade Wasted Ad Spend

Advertising is typically purchased based on the chance for it to be seen, or its "viewability," but that's just a starting point. Here's how Moat Reach takes cross-channel campaign measurement to the next level by closing the gap to connect impressions with engaged audiences.

Learn more about how Moat Reach can help you solve your advertising campaign challenges. Request a demo.

Glenn Bean

Senior Director, Product Management

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