Introducing Candid Conversations: The Future of Adtech

October 8, 2020 | 2 minute read
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Adtech is a fast-paced business with a multitude of exciting areas experiencing innovation. It’s also an industry encountering a lot of change, technological shifts, and refined approaches that place the consumer experience in the forefront.

In accepting these industry realities, and in the spirit of facilitating a forum to uplift and inform all participants in the adtech space, we’re introducing a brand-new virtual series. Candid Conversations: The Future of Ad Tech will feature various industry leaders as they discuss and confront hot topics, share their experiences on the front lines, and give valuable insight into learnings from failures and tactics for success.

Here is our current session line-up:

[EMEA] How Brand Suitability Can Help Advertisers Navigate Through Uncertainty

The events of 2020 have brought brand safety and brand suitability back into the spotlight. It has never been more important for digital advertisers to understand the nuances of the types of content their advertising appears alongside. What will be the key to finding brand-suitable environments in the future? Join us for a discussion on the state of brand safety and brand suitability featuring Oracle Advertising and GroupM. You’ll learn what brand suitability means in today’s digital landscape, how to balance risk versus opportunity, insights and evidence for why keyword blocking is harmful, and ways to keep your brand safe without sacrificing scale.

[NA] Breaking Up with Blocklists: Shifting from Brand Safety to Suitability

In this age of uncertainty, how can advertisers confidently navigate fast-paced news cycles and connect with consumers through relevant and timely content––without stifling valuable inventory or cutting off ad revenue that sustains news publishers? Join executives from Oracle Advertising, GroupM, and The New York Times as they dissect how the industry got to this point with overzealous brand-safety tactics, and what it will take to collectively eradicate advertiser fear and build a more inclusive internet.


More coming soon!

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