Infographic: A visual history of TV advertising

June 11, 2020 | 1 minute read
Jacel Booth
Global Brand Marketing Manager
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As soon as TVs became a staple in living rooms across the globe, marketers were capitalizing on the breakthrough medium. Never could a brand more effectively deliver their story and sell their product. A way to reach people using sound and video? This extremely appealing avenue of advertising took the marketing world by storm.

Yet a lot has changed since the first commercial aired in 1941. Fast forward almost 80 years, and the way that marketers are trying to reach customers via TV now is completely different. Linear buys alone are no longer sufficient. To reach the broadest extent of their target audience, marketers also have to cater to cord-cutters, or those who no longer pay for subscription cable. On top of that, they are left wondering how to gain a comprehensive view of exactly who is seeing their ads and how often across platforms.

With the recent launch of Moat Reach, marketers can bridge that measurement gap. Check out the following infographic to see how TV advertising has evolved.


Jacel Booth

Global Brand Marketing Manager

Jacel Booth is a Global Brand Marketing Manager at Oracle Data Cloud. She enjoys a good pun and is an ardent supporter of the Oxford comma.

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