How to achieve true cross-platform advertising clarity

August 31, 2020 | 3 minute read
Glenn Bean
Senior Director, Product Management
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Achieving clarity across platforms is a struggle for even the most advanced advertising experts. These statistics convey a telling story:

  • Almost half of US marketers say the inability to track reach and frequency is still one of the biggest problems with cross-platform ad measurement

  • Over half cite a lack of standard measurement across channels as a critical challenge, making it nearly impossible to determine campaign inefficiencies

  • 60 percent struggle with difficult optimizing their campaigns

When you think about what this means for your business—not to have the answers you need, when you need them—the word that comes to mind is waste. Wasted time with extra hours spent cobbling together disparate reporting to craft a complete picture and wasted money with a limited understanding of how many impressions are actually reaching your target audience across channels.

These questions remain: what is the industry doing to address this critical problem and how can marketers finally get true cross-platform clarity, efficiently?

Mind the measurement gap

Zooming in on the overarching statistics to get to the root of the problem, we determined what the data communicates is a serious measurement gap between activation and impact. Consider the following examples.

Example 1: Marketers and publishers deliver on valid and viewable as the de facto standard, but do not always measure reach and frequency with that crucial filter in place.

Example 2: When campaigns are delivered, specific audience segments are curated across 1st and 3rd party datasets, but then measurement of that performance is based on basic demographic buckets that only roughly align to how your campaign was carefully targeted.

Example 3: With the growing evolution and consumer adoption of Connected TV (CTV) programming, it's apparent there is an important opportunity to access valuable audience share. However, it is difficult to unify your CTV strategy with the remainder of your digital and linear advertising approach, leaving you blind and unable to advance.

So, how do we reconcile and span this measurement gap? It requires a complete, full-picture measurement of customers and campaigns that allows for real-time improvements in advertising efficiency through access to innovative campaign metrics. 

Explore the new frontier of measurement

Considering the historic lack of cross-platform measurement, feeling confident in the activation and evaluation of campaigns with multiple activations can be daunting.

But marketing agility is possible. As marketing professionals move toward using digital video to extend the reach of their linear campaigns, the need to have a unified view of the customer has never been greater.

It’s a new frontier of measurement where:

  • Ad spend is protected by ensuring that every impression you serve can be seen by a human

  • Impressions are deduplicated across TV, CTV, and digital

  • Audience understanding goes beyond demographics like age and gender

  • All the above can be viewed in real time, enabling dynamic, data-informed decision making around your marketing goals

It’s beyond the basics of advertising measurement—metrics like clicks, viewability, and total impressions—that lie the true impact that marketers want. With advanced measurement capabilities, you will get out of your campaigns what you put into your strategies to gain the ability to make better decisions and see more effective results.

Take action with Moat Reach

We recognize the need to break down one of the most significant barriers in advertising—connecting and rationalizing fragmented data across multiple channels. We’ve built solutions to tie relevant audiences and viewability across TV, mobile, and desktop to make media planning more effective and drive business results. With billions of dollars transacted on metrics that didn’t exist a few years ago, precision and rigor in detailed measurement matter more than ever before. Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Reach solution unlocks the power to measure the business impact of your campaigns and provide insights for optimization.

Think differently about measurement and uncover new insights that enable true cross-channel clarity, promoting informed decision-making around your unique marketing goals.

Interested in learning more about how Moat Reach helps advertisers and publishers gain a universal view of their cross-platform audience? Request a demo today.

Glenn Bean

Senior Director, Product Management

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