How Moat Reach captures cross-platform reach and frequency—and why it’s better than what you have today

June 3, 2020 | 4 minute read
Glenn Bean
Senior Director, Product Management
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We are in a golden era of media. Consumers have more high-quality content than ever to choose from (live sports will be back!) and more channels to consume it. That offers marketers an equally rich and sometimes dizzying array of ways to reach their consumers. At Oracle Data Cloud, we build tools and combine big data to balance the extraordinary potential of advanced technology with the need for simple, clear-cut performance insights around real people that drive businesses forward.

Enter Moat Reach: a groundbreaking cross-platform, TV and digital media measurement solution built on a foundation of award-winning, trusted Oracle Data Cloud capabilities coupled with high-quality, industry-leading data providers, such as iSpot.

Historically, ad hoc measurement offerings only delivered partial visibility of cross-channel advertising—providing the illusion of precision but leaving marketers blind to overall waste and efficiency. Moat Reach helps advertisers and publishers find their audience accurately across platforms, and holistically understand reach and frequency across channels, devices, formats, time periods, targeting strategies, and more.

Let’s walk through the building blocks of Moat Reach and show how each piece, while industry-leading on its own, combines for an unprecedented solution that provides marketers with the ability to tell comprehensive stories, collect actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions across their entire portfolio.

Building Block #1: Use valid and viewable impressions as measurement feedstock

Did anyone see my ad?

The first step in analyzing the effectiveness of our ad spend is ensuring the impressions you paid for were valid and viewable. Moat Reach runs on the same infrastructure as Moat Analytics, a pioneer in viewability. The result? Verifying that every ad could have been seen by a real person. Today, this covers display, video, and over-the-top (OTT) impressions and soon it also will include linear TV.

Building Block #2: Match impressions to real people and households

How many people saw my ad?

Once you confirm your ad was served to a real person and viewable, the next step is to understand the scale of your reach. Ten million impressions served to 10 million households is a very different outcome than 10 million impressions served to 1 million households. This deduplicated view is especially important to combine across multiple media partners. Moat Reach measures this by leveraging our proprietary Oracle ID Graph. Its identity spine is built on real people and households to connect devices, cookies, email addresses, individuals, and households, all in accordance with current privacy and regulatory compliance.

The Oracle ID Graph is built using linkage data from our own owned and operated assets as well as many of the top ID resolution companies in the industry. We then score each link for quality using strict quality thresholds. In fact, the Oracle ID Graph standards are so high that 80 percent of the linkages we source are excluded because they score too low for us to confidently use, pushing the whole industry to provide better results.

Building Block #3: Provide insights about relevant audiences

Did the right people see my ad?

A key suite of insights using Moat Reach is made possible by delivering a deeper understanding of the people you reach across channels beyond age and demo.

Moat Reach profiles your reached audience using industry-leading Oracle Audiences, allowing you to quickly and easily verify how an audience indexes against the channels you’re buying.  Your diaper ad may be incredibly endearing, but if you’re not reaching parents with young children, you’re probably not driving sales. Customers also can onboard their own 1st party data, enabling an extremely precise view into achieving their objectives.

Building Block #4: Create a single view from TV to Digital

Did people see my ad in multiple places?

The fourth building block of Moat Reach is a proprietary methodology to bring cross-platform impression data together and provide marketers a consolidated view of their campaigns in a single dashboard, updated daily.

When all the building blocks come together, Moat Reach delivers viewability, reach and frequency, and on-target metrics broken down for your campaigns and media partners based on real, relevant people. Now it also includes high-quality, industry-leading TV ad viewership data from iSpot.

Are you ready to go beyond single-source, age/gender mixes, and measure what matters across TV and digital? Do it with Moat Reach.


Want to learn more about how you can measure from TV to digital with Moat Reach? Watch this free on-demand webinar:

Glenn Bean

Senior Director, Product Management

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