Experience Oracle Data Cloud: 5 ways we welcome new employees

January 1, 2022 | 4 minute read
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According to a recent blog by Click Boarding, up to 20 percent of employee turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment and 23 percent of new hires turnover before their first anniversary. One of the top reasons they leave is tied to a poor onboarding experience.   

Think back to your first couple of weeks at a new company. The phrase "drinking from the fire hose" can come to mind. You need to gain access to new systems, learn productivity tools, navigate a new organization, build important relationships, and possibly even learn about a new industry.

At Oracle Data Cloud, we’ve rolled out a new onboarding program, called Experience Oracle Data Cloud, to combat employee turnover, welcome, inform, and connect our new hires.  

Our goal with Experience Oracle Data Cloud is to break down the need-to-know information, introduce new employees to our culture, and facilitate connections with the Oracle Data Cloud team in a live experience. Here are the top five things we focus on to ensure the onboarding experience is something our new hires won’t forget.

1. Scheduling in-person sessions

We host two sessions per month where new hires travel to regional hubs. We value in-person sessions as an opportunity to set up employees for success from day one.

An experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago and Harvard Business School found that negotiators who shook hands were more open and honest, and reached better outcomes. Shaking hands causes the centers of the brain associated with rewards to activate. People who trust each other work better together, and face-to-face interaction facilitates that.

Prior to their first day, new hires at Oracle Data Cloud receive a series of communications to excite, engage, and inform them on what to expect in their initial week. Hiring managers also are encouraged to provide an action plan for the new hire’s first few weeks. This includes scheduling meetings with people and teams they will work with so new hires can make the most of their travel.

During the Experience Oracle Data Cloud session, our team provides an overview of Oracle, Oracle Data Cloud, our current position in the market, and provides some highlights of our culture to set context. And, of course, there’s swag.

2. Building a community

Research indicates that new hires want more opportunities to get to know their colleagues, and their manager, as part of their onboarding experience.

When schedules permit, leadership team members stop by to greet the new team members and discuss the impact new hires can make in their first few days.

An office tour provides a great opportunity for introductions and for the new hires to get a feel for the office and meet their new colleagues. For those employees traveling in for orientation, we also set up a tour in their home office in partnership with Club Oracle Data Cloud, our culture club.

We talk about how to get involved with our culture club, leadership development programs, and Impact, our employee resource group focused on gender parity.

3. Making an IT connection

At least one hour per session is dedicated to getting new employees oriented to IT best practices within the organization. Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to use the tools you need to get the job done. Often we find that new employees thrive when we orient them to simple things like finding and connecting to a printer or hold a Q&A session with someone from our technology team.

4. Bringing in new teams

Oracle Data Cloud is currently a company made up of six acquisitions—BlueKai, Datalogix, AddThis, Crosswise, Moat, and, most recently, Grapeshot.

In partnership with the Oracle M&A onboarding team, our team also provides a version of Experience Oracle Data Cloud to our team members brought on by acquisition.

From a culture perspective, our goal with an acquisition is to preserve the best of the incoming company’s culture and introduce the new team to Oracle Data Cloud.

The timing of our most recent acquisition coincided with one of our favorite cultural pillars, Hackathon. About 15 of our new team members from Grapeshot attended our Spring 2018 event in Reston, Virginia and had an awesome time!

"Thank you for the hospitality and the epic event!  I can’t imagine a better way to let my engineers know we found the right home in Oracle Data Cloud than this event.” 

-Derek Wise, CTO Oracle Data Cloud, Grapeshot 

5. Reflecting our culture

In what is perhaps the most important step, we onboard new employees in a way that epitomizes our culture.

Our culture values both work and personal time and we ensure that a new employee’s first day doesn’t include traveling on a Sunday. That’s why Experience Oracle Data Cloud always kicks off on Tuesdays. We have music, food, good conversation, and provide swag—like our signature T-shirts.

Questioning productively is another important tenant of the Oracle Data Cloud culture. We complete our Experience Oracle Data Cloud onboarding program with a survey at the end of the new hire’s first week. This helps create a feedback loop for our team to constantly work to provide a best-in-class onboarding experience.

What to learn more about why employees love working at Oracle Data Cloud? Visit our culture channel.

About Kaitie English

Kaitie is a senior manager of internal communications for Oracle Data Cloud and the program manager for Impact.

Prior to joining Oracle Data Cloud, Kaitie led employee communications for the launch of the Oath brand and Verizon and AOL’s acquisition of Yahoo!.

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