Expanding CTV contextual targeting and brand safety

November 10, 2023 | 2 minute read
Patrick Thomas
Head of Business Development and Product Partnerships
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With continued double-digit, year-over-year growth expected in CTV programmatic ad spend, expanding targeting capabilities to meet demand is a priority across much of the ad-tech ecosystem. Additionally, eMarketer projects that 2 in 5 new programmatic ad dollars will go to connected television! Building solutions that unify the buying of video while also being compliant with current and likely future privacy legislation is critical.

Oracle Advertising is thrilled that CTV and Online Video (OLV)  buyers can now access its video-level contextual and brand-suitability data for programmatic buying on The Trade Desk. This solution is crucial in helping advertisers effectively use enriched video-level content signals to reach their desired audiences and ensure their ads run alongside relevant, brand-suitable programming.

What is it?

Expanding its partnership with IRIS.TV Oracle Advertising has incorporated the IRIS_ID, a universal content identifier. With online video, the URL has traditionally been leveraged to track content and initiate ad opportunities. The IRIS_ID will serve a similar function, allowing CTV inventory to be transacted in real-time on open programmatic environments. 

How does it work?

Oracle leverages this new identifier to access videos from IRIS-enabled supply partners. Using OCI Speech, an AI service that applies automatic speech recognition technology to transform audio-based content into text, Oracle's contextual intelligence system generates standard and custom targeting, brand safety, and suitability segments by analyzing the content of videos.

These Oracle segments, as well as the IRIS_ID, are made available through The Trade Desk for agencies and traders to target both CTV and OLV inventory types. By simplifying the supply chain, advertisers gain a clearer picture of content adjacency and the ability to target with greater precision.

Why is it important?

In a post-cookie world, marketers and media companies are looking for ways to increase the performance of OLV and CTV advertising while remaining compliant with all current and future privacy regulations. In a recent study conducted by Alliance for Video-Level Contextual Advertising (AVCA), it was found that CTV viewers who were presented with contextually relevant ads have a 300% higher brand recall when compared to viewers who were delivered ads based on demographic data. What's more, ad recall was 400% higher when ads were delivered using contextual signals versus ads delivered using pub-declared metadata like genre and age rating. 

Another important finding from this research was tied to Connected TV brand suitability. The study showed that 54% of viewers were less interested in the brand if the ad was shown alongside unsuitable content. This shows that even on the big screen, brand suitability is essential. 

Oracle Advertising's video-level contextual and brand-suitability data for targeting is a powerful solution both now and in the future that helps advertisers reach their desired audiences with greater precision and brand safety in both CTV and OLV.  

These capabilities are available in The Trade Desk today, and Oracle expects to expand these capabilities to other buying platforms in the coming months!

Contact your Oracle Advertising account team, or request a consultation, to learn more about video-level contextual targeting and brand suitability solutions.

Patrick Thomas

Head of Business Development and Product Partnerships

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