Creating a sense of belonging for all employees: the launch of IDEA

October 2, 2019 | 2 minute read
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Oracle Data Cloud is devoted to diversifying its offices all over the world. IDEA (Inclusion, diversity, equity and action) is Oracle Data Cloud’s new employee resource group for African-Americans. IDEA was introduced this past February with its inaugural launch in the Broomfield, Colorado office. Last month, the New York office was introduced to IDEA with a full day of speakers and break-out sessions.

We had an idea to create IDEA

IDEA was created to offer a variety of services to members. Those include mentorship and career assistance, volunteer and networking opportunities, and even regularly hosted cultural events. IDEA also connects the larger organization to various topics that are not well known.

During the launch, employees at the director level spoke about building lasting relationships with those you work with and creating “allyships”.

“The first ten years of your career are about the ability to do the work, proving yourself, and building confidence. After that, it’s all about relationships,” stated Wendi Dunlap, Oracle Data Cloud Account Director.

Diversity recruiter, Brittiney Jones, shared how the team is actively recruiting at historically black colleges and universities to increase the talent pool that is often overlooked and underrepresented. The team is also recruiting non-college diverse candidates by attending local events, conferences, panels, etc.

The third speaker of the day, Marva Kerwin, shared new ways that Oracle Data Cloud is bringing in new hires. The team steadily seeks ways to enhance the monthly on-boarding session, Experience Oracle Data Cloud, to provide all necessary resources and more efficient ways for new team members to acclimate quickly.

The IDEA NYC Launch ended off with one of our team members, Arc Mbagaya, sharing how Oracle Data Cloud has made such a big impact on his non-profit, Bidii Foundation. Oracle Data Cloud offers 100% donation matching for all employees and donated $8,000 to the Bidii Foundation, providing school supplies for children in Kenya.

IDEA is one of the many employee resource groups here at Oracle Data Cloud! We are continually looking for ways to diversify the organization and create a wonderful workplace for all our employees.


Interested in knowing how you can be a part of the Oracle culture? Visit our website to learn more.


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