Avoid ad fraud with Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration: Show your ads to people, not bots

January 11, 2022 | 4 minute read
Mark Kopera
Head of Product, Oracle Moat
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Ad fraud cost advertisers $65 billion globally in 2021, and it’s only going to get more difficult to stop. As the advertising ecosystem becomes more complex and malicious bots become more sophisticated, the amount of ad revenue lost to fraud is estimated to reach $100 billion by 2023.

The dangers of ad fraud

When there’s money changing hands, there will always be fraudsters with malicious intent trying to steal a piece of the pie. It’s imperative advertisers take action to prevent ad fraud as best they can, not only to minimize lost ad spend, but to safeguard their brand reputation.

Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration and verification solutions gives you the confidence to trust your campaign data

Advertisers and agencies expect their supply partners to deliver quality impressions and identify any instances of invalid traffic, a necessary but challenging task that costs platforms and publishers time and money. From the advertiser’s perspective, if ads aren’t being shown to real people, they cannot trust their campaign KPIs.

Imagine discovering six months into a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that the ads you  ran were not viewed by humans. Or worse, imagine running a campaign without any visibility into invalid traffic at all, relying on profoundly inaccurate performance analytics that negatively impact ad results and business outcomes.

Past attempts to prevent invalid traffic have been tedious at best or horribly ineffective, from manually blocking individual IP addresses to mass-blocking huge chunks of potential ad placements. In addition to malicious ad fraud, general invalid traffic can occur at any touchpoint, whether it be a user or a benign internet related service.

To be truly effective at blocking invalid traffic, advertisers and publishers alike need a large-scale solution. Fortunately, Oracle has the answer: With the launch of Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration, we’ve added a new feature to our award-winning fraud detection solution, Oracle Moat.

Oracle’s dedication to building secure infrastructures and online security solutions uniquely qualitfies us to tackle the challenges of ad fraud. Our global threat intelligence team has been digging into malware-riddled code to identify patterns associated with malicious bot activity. Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration is based on this research, giving advertisers, platforms and publishers the tools they need to identify bot activity and invalid traffic sources.

Getting to know Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration

Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration helps marketers and media professionals reduce losses related to invalid traffic by supplying our customers with the most up-to-date and market-leading intelligence on invalid traffic and ad fraud.

The solution is comprised of our highly confidential and proprietary database of known and suspected ‘bad agents.’ The list is updated with the latest in invalid traffic intelligence and delivered to customers on a regular basis to be easily implemented within their systems to block and avoid bot-related invalid traffic. The data provided is separated into various risk levels, so customers can easily adjust and filter data to achieve a personalized balance of recall and precision in bot detection.

With Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration, not only do users gain access to the pinnacle of bot-related invalid traffic data, they can rest easy knowing that our solution can be implemented without exchanging customer personal identifiable information (PII).

Supports low latency

Your content needs to load as swiftly as possible. Our solution was designed to deliver a near-instant response by operating from within your systems, eliminating the need for costly network calls and helping prevent the risks that stem from unplanned API downtimes.

Easy implementation

Simply decide where you want to implement Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration, and we will send daily feeds to ingest.

Protects user privacy

Easily eliminate fraudulent devices without transferring consumer PII. No data ever leaves your system, meaning that you don’t have to worry about inadvertently exposing real human users’ PII when implementing the product.

Adtech tools that can effectively idenitfy invalid traffic sources are essential for whole-of-internet scaled digital advertising services offered by DSPs and high-performing programmatic advertising solutions like IPONWEB.

“IPONWEB's products span the complete programmatic ecosystem, processing nearly one trillion bid requests every day amongst hundreds of clients and partners. Anti-fraud measures and buyer safeguarding is crucial to ensuring we are providing the best traffic to our clients and to winning their trust. By implementing Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration, we're able to provide our buy-side partners best-in-class, independent, and MRC-backed assurances that the traffic they buy from us is real, leading to better performance and ROI,” said Matt Miga, vice president of commercial operations at IPONWEB.

Oracle Advertising Bot Filtration protects your reputation as a safe advertising space, provides more trustworthy analytics, and increases your odds of hitting your KPIs. This is just the latest in our suite of features that address the ever-evolving threats of invalid traffic.


To learn more about how Oracle Moat can help protect the quality of your inventory, reputation and revenue potential, visit our website and contact us today.

Mark Kopera

Head of Product, Oracle Moat

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