Advertising industry accreditations and certifications solidify Oracle as an adtech leader

March 4, 2022 | 4 minute read
Chase Mathew
Product Marketing Manager, Measurement
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The last 15 months have been big for Oracle. From our partnership with Red Bull Racing Honda, to announcing our acquisition of Cerner, there was a lot of growth and much to celebrate. Throughout all of our accomplishments during the past year, one thing has remained consistent: Our commitment to building and maintaining effective ad measurement and brand safety solutions.

The accreditations and certifications we received from across the industry underscore our dedication to the brands and advertisers we serve. We want our customers to be confident in our solutions and have a deep level of trust in the services we provide. The accreditations and certifications earned by Oracle demonstrate not only the high standards we set for ourselves, but our intent to be fully transparent with our data so that our customers are equipped with reliable and effective tools to measure their media investments.

As we kick off the beginning of 2022, here’s a recap of all the advertising accreditations and certifications we received in 2021.

Oracle’s 2021 adtech industry certifications

Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) certification

Oracle Moat Measurement received its certification for Display and Video Viewability in Desktop and Mobile Web environments from the Audit Bureau of Circulations UK.

Why it matters:

Oracle Moat is one of two companies listed by ABC UK as a certified vendor. This certification is valued by many clients in the UK. Prior to their merger with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) last year, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) used this certification as proof that vendors met their viewability standards.      

Brand Safety Institute (BSI) Brand Safe Workforce certifications

Oracle is the first brand safety provider to receive  the Brand Safe Workforce certification from the Brand Safety Institute, successfully certifying BSI Brand Safety Officers and Brand Safety Practitioners

Why it matters:

Being recognized as a Brand Safe Workforce means that our organization is recognized as a leader in the advertising field, while breaking new ground in the efforts to fight the harms plaguing the digital advertising industry.

“Brand safety is changing faster than ever, requiring companies to reevaluate and reassess their policies and practices. Oracle has always been a leader when it comes to brand safety initiatives, so it’s no surprise their team invested the necessary time and effort to receive BSI’s Brand Safe Workforce certification,” said Brand Safety Institute Co-Founder Neal Thurman, “Oracle’s ongoing commitment to building and maintaining brand safe environments is helping drive the digital ad industry forward.”

Oracle’s 2021 MRC adtech accreditations

Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditations

Oracle received a total of six accreditations from the Media Rating Council

Why it matters:

The Media Rating Council is a U.S. based non-profit organization that supports the media and advertising industry by ensuring advertising and media measurement services are valid, reliable and effective. Because of the rigorous auditing processes and industry administered oversight involved, accreditations awarded by MRC are widely recognized across the advertising and media industry.

“We were pleased to recognize Oracle Moat in 2021 for earning and renewing accreditations for its measurements, inclusive of viewability, IVT and brand safety,” said MRC CEO and Executive Director George W. Ivie, “We commend Oracle Moat for its continued leadership in working toward transparency and accountability in digital advertising.” 

Ad Verification Inclusive of Property-level Brand Safety across Oracle Moat measurement and contextual intelligence

In partnership with Oracle Contextual Intelligence, Oracle Moat has achieved MRC accreditation for our measurement and reporting of property-level ad verification for display and video advertising served in Desktop and Mobile Web environments. In addition, the MRC has continued our accreditation of Desktop and Mobile Web property-level page categorization performed by Oracle Contextual Intelligence. Using these tools, customers can target or avoid specific categories, including the “Dirty Dozen” categories of the IAB.

Ad verification is increasingly important for customers. Given the number of potentially sensitive topics, our customers use our solutions because they need solutions that help them avoid harmful content and enable them to align their advertising efforts with suitable content. This accreditation demonstrates that  Oracle Advertising has gone above and beyond to provide elevated levels of transparency and trust connected to ad verification metrics.

Facebook and Instagram

Oracle Moat has achieved MRC accreditation for our measurement of display and video ads served in desktop and mobile web environments within the Facebook and Instagram News Feed.

Oracle Advertising is focused on helping customers understand ad performance across social platforms. The MRC accreditation for Facebook and Instagram display and video ad measurement capabilities highlights how our innovation is improving transparency for our customers on Facebook’s ad platforms.

Connected TV (CTV)/Over-the-Top (OTT)

Oracle Moat has achieved MRC Accreditation for our measurement of Impressions and Quartiles for video advertising served in CTV/OTT environments. Oracle is one the few measurement vendors to achieve MRC’s CTV/OTT accreditation.

CTV/OTT is a growing area for ad spend as more and more consumers adopt CTV/OTT streaming services and devices. This accreditation offers one more layer of validity to our metrics in an emerging advertising space.

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) and Quartile Completion in CTV

Oracle Moat has achieved accreditation for SIVT filtration in CTV environments. With this achievement, Oracle Moat now has SIVT accreditation across Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App, and CTV.

As part of the accreditation process, Moat was required to evidence compliance with the Updated invalid traffic guidelines (IVT 2.0). Oracle was considered "compliant inspected" indicating Oracle meets the new standard.


Though previously accredited, Oracle renewed its accreditation of viewability metrics in display and video in desktop, mobile web and in app environments. We are proud to be recognized as a leader in the measurement and brand safety adtech space and will continue to provide the same level of trust and service for our customers in 2022.

It has been a big year for everyone at Oracle, and we are honored to be recognized by these industry-leading organizations. As we continue into the new year, Oracle will remain laser-focused on delivering world class solutions that enable our customers to accurately measure their ad performance and exceed their advertising goals. 


To learn more about how Oracle Advertising can help protect your brand, visit our website.

Chase Mathew

Product Marketing Manager, Measurement

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