5 Ways to target New Year’s resolution audiences

December 20, 2023 | 3 minute read
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From holiday gluttony to personal development, January marks the time of year when customers set goals - spending whatever it takes to achieve them. With almost 90% of those making New Year resolutions intending to keep them throughout the year, December 26th is a great time for advertisers to begin to entice consumers with products to help. While new trends and the economy may play a role in which items consumers purchase from year to year, New Year's resolutions themselves hardly change.

For example, when comparing the past three years, the top resolutions have always been around improving health or saving money. If your product does not land squarely in the "fitness" line, don't fret, Oracle Advertising has compiled a few resolutions that can appeal to a broad range of advertisers.

Check out the top 5 five New Year resolutions with coresponding sample audiences to help execute your next New Year's resolution campaign!

Physical Health has been a focus the last few years and this year is no different. As fad diets, vitamins and exercise equipment can seem to spike in popularity, you'll want to make sure your brand is showing up in the right place in the right moment with custom contextual recommendations.

  • Oracle Exercise audiences: Fitness at Home Apps • Gyms • Home Workout Preference • Strength Training • Yoga & Pilates
  • Oracle Weight loss or Diet audiences: Dieting & Weight Loss • Nutrition • New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions

Finance is an ongoing focus due to our rocky economy. This is a great opportunity for banks, finance apps, books and more to help consumers meet their financial goals. Utilize audiences to target individuals interested in credit cards, savings accounts and more, and surround relevant articles with Oracle Contextual Intelligence to reach consumers who are in the active money-saving mindset.

  • Oracle Finance audiences: Credit Cards › In-Market • Deal Seekers and Bargain Hunters • Financial Planning • HHI: $50,000 - $74,999

Family time and improving relationships can literally serve ANY brand! Think pizza delivery, and board games for family game night or sports bars and alcohol brands to entice friends to get together over a cold one. Whatever your product or solution sold, Oracle Audiences can help target these relevant consumers.

  • Family & Friends audiences: Affluent Parents • Board Games • Disney+ App • Live Theater, Musicals and Broadway Shows • Parents of Preschoolers (3-5) • Parents with Teenagers • Salty Snack Buyers • Sporting Events • Sports and Entertainment Restaurants

Happiness is vital, it's no wonder consumers are dedicating their resolution (and their time) to hobbies, reading, travel and more! This resolution can serve brands with "treat-yo-self" spa items, cooking courses, language apps, airlines, cruises and more!

  • Oracle Happiness audiences: Camping • Gardening • Language Learning • Musical Instruments • Photography • Reading • Sewing & Needlework • Traveler Persona – Foodie • Travel Destination Hawaii

Mental Health has become increasingly more popular on the resolution front. From mindfulness apps to self-help books and meditation, consumers want to boost their mental state in 2024. Consider targeting audiences that already have a propensity towards mental health and wellness with Audiences by Oracle.

  • Oracle Mental Health audiences: Alternative Medicine • Massage and Spa • Meditation and Mindfulness Apps • Wellness

YouGov New Year Resolution Poll

New Year resolution survey

*Share of Respondents selected all applicable resolutions - yougov.com survey

Need more insights or context recommendations? Check out our New Year resolution guide or the Oracle Advertising audience page for more helpful tips and tricks.

Contact your dedicated Oracle Advertising team today for one-to-one help with audience, context, onboarding, measurement and more!

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