4 ways to target Halloween audiences this season

August 15, 2023 | 3 minute read
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According to the National Retail Federation, last Halloween saw a monstrously large increase in total purchases, topping $10.6 billion! We expect 2023 purchases to continue to rise, especially as nearly half of Halloween enthusiasts have begun shopping for ghoulish gear by September, giving them a longer runway for purchases and speeding up marketing timelines.

While one might believe this holiday is exclusively centered around clothing and candy, Halloween gear can span across verticals. From false eyelashes to kitchen brooms and outdoor roller blades to spiked ciders, every brand can find an angle to participate in the spooktacular event. Whether your target audience is made up of families carving pumpkins, those who purchased millions of dollars in pet costumes, or Gen Zers heading out to frighteningly fun parties in their best Barbie gear, Oracle has the advertising solution to enchant your shoppers.

Check out Oracle Advertising targeting tips and tricks to bewitch your buyers:

Haunting for deals or splurging for thrills

Studies show that past purchase behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior. Is your target audience going big on Halloween lawn ornaments this year, or is continued inflation factoring into their costume of choice? Fortunately, with Oracle Advertising audiences you can target a thrifty DIY enthused witch or the pricier faux fur-wearing Ken with retail past purchase behavior audiences.

  • Have a big sale coming up? Target consumers looking for a great deal on Halloween decorations, like life-size skeletons or Day of the Dead floral wreaths, with our Oracle Advertising Deal Seekers and Bargain Hunter's audience. 

Pink is the new orange

Will the "it" outfit of the year be spooky or frightenedly pink? A quick online search will tell you that girls are taking over the holiday, with popular costumes centered around Barbie, Taylor Swift, Ariel, and Wednesday! Target the right customer in the right mindset by getting ahead on relevant creative and digital advertising planning.  

  • Utilize Oracle contextual Halloween Predicts segment to surround trending Halloween articles, or create a custom Oracle contextual targeting segment to home in on popular Barbie articles with creative depicting western wear, perfectly pink lipstick or sky-high heels.

Trick or TREATS

The holiday season kicks off with Halloween, and no festive occasion is complete without something sweet! It's no wonder that almost all Halloween participants purchase candy to indulge in over a scary movie marathon or to appease a door full of eager trick-or-treaters. With consumers handing out candy and hoarding it in their pantries, you'll want to ensure your past purchasers stay loyal by targeting brand buyers with CPG audiences.

  • Are you trying to promote ghost-shaped peanut butter cups this year? You can target past buyers with the Oracle DLX Hershey's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup audience or create a custom audience of Halloween candy super shoppers by asking your Oracle Advertising team for a digital audience centered around the October timeframe with a minimum purchase amount. 

Come on Barbie, let's go party

While young adults are more likely to attend Halloween parties, bar crawls and haunted houses, there are many more consumers who reach for pumpkin ales while handing out candy. You can target these beverage buyers when they're planning festivities or while streaming Halloween Wars with various Oracle Advertising targeting segments. 

  • These fabulously pink outfits won't show themselves off! Target partygoers with specific beverage buyer audiences to ensure you're reaching champagne buyers for girls' night, or utilize Oracle context to surround Halloween-inspired cocktail recipes.

Lastly, when it comes to running media safely, Halloween can be tricky. Many articles containing scary or gory language could be details on a haunted hayride or killer zombie makeup. Standard block lists would steer you away from this spooktacular content, significantly reducing your ability to scale on relevant articles. With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, we understand a page's true context by identifying and scoring the content, thus recognizing Halloween fun an over unacceptable brand risk. 


Download our Halloween guide for more insights and tips for your Halloween campaign, or request a consultation to build a bespoke targeting plan that delivers on your campaign goals.

Samantha Dietz

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