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Fine-tuning your ad targeting strategy for Mother’s Day

When building out your Mother’s Day ad campaign, it’s important to have data-driven insights on consumer spending habits this time of year. Luckily, we've pulled together key purchasing trends from NRF with helpful targeting tips from Oracle Advertising to help advertisers refine their ad targeting strategies.

Audience acquisition for advertisers: Low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk sources

Whether you’re building your audience in email, SMS, mobile, web or direct mail, your acquisition methods can have a profound impact on performance.

The evolution of brand safety and context in advertising [Infographic]

A comprehensive brand safety strategy requires effective adtech solutions that enable advertisers to find brand suitable ad inventory in contextually relevant ad environments.

5 steps to a better brand suitability strategy

A successful brand suitability strategy relies on contextual targeting tactics combined with effective ad measurement capabilities. These five steps can help get you there.

Oracle takes the stage at SXSW to talk first-party data, personalization, and direct mail

During the SXSW conference, Marc Grabowski sat down with advertising industry leaders to discuss first-party data, direct mail, and personalization in the adtech industry.

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