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How to Accelerate Your Path to GDPR Compliance

The new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on 25 May 2018, broadly affecting all organizations, government agencies, companies, and cloud providers throughout the world that collect or use personal data of individuals in the EU.

With GDPR came:

  • New and strengthened rights for individuals
  • Defined baseline for data protection
  • Accountability requirements for companies and cloud providers
  • Increased scrutiny by regulators

If your company is collecting and handling personal data of EU-based individuals, either offline or online, and even if such processing is outside the EU, you need to consider your data handling practices more carefully than ever before1. Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in heavy fines (up to 4% of the Worldwide Annual Turnover) and increased regulatory actions. More importantly, significant breaches can damage your organization’s brand, value, and reputation.

How Is Your GDPR Compliance Program Today?

In their annual CIO survey, Harvey Nash and KPMG spoke with nearly 4,000 tech executives about their GDPR readiness, with a "worrying number of respondents saying in April that they expected not to meet the just lapsed May 25 deadline."2 How did your company do? Are you still working on addressing the core GDPR requirements?

Oracle Can Help Accelerate Your Path to GDPR Compliance

Oracle provides security products and services for both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, designed to help you align with the GDPR (see below).









  • The Assess pillar focuses on identifying the risks to personal data and laying out a clear course of action
  • The Prevent pillar captures the techniques, controls and mitigations that can protect personal data
  • The Detect pillar highlights the reporting and audit requirements designed to ensure that unauthorized access to personal data is recorded and reported on so that further action can be taken in order to address accountability related requirements

Leverage Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Addressing the GDPR requires a coordinated strategy involving different parts of your organization, including legal, human resources, marketing, security, and IT. Because of this complexity, you need a clear strategy and action plan to address the GDPR requirements.

With our Managed Security Services, we can help your organization accelerate your GDPR compliance program and enhance your ability to keep your data and applications protected.

Read the whitepaper to learn more


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