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    March 22, 2011


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One of new features for adapter data controls  introduced in is this feature of performing the DT operations at RT.

This feature is enabled by exposing few api in the DCAdapterFactory.

In this entry I'll walk through this feature for a basic WSDC.
This application has a basic web service in the model which would be used in the RT for creating the WSDC.

The backing bean WSDC.java in the ViewController project contains the code for the DC creation :

The wsdl and name(DC name ) are bind to the DTView.jspx.
The WSDefinition is created by passing the name and wsdl url as parameters.

The dc(DataControl) is created using the createDataControl Api of the data control factory(dcf).
created DC must now be available in the DC palette in RT.This is done
with help of MDS where we install the dc and then flush the changes.

this is done control passes to RTView.jspx where we have rendered the
DC palette  similar to jdeveloper using a ADF Tree table.The classes
under view.support and view.tree model, reads through elements in the
DC and adds  them to the tree table.

We can now select the DC
from this palette and this updates the widget Drop down list box which
will show all the possible components.Select the required component and
click on insert.This inserts the object to page below.(This operation
is similar to DnD in Jdev)

The component is added to page using a DOM Parser where the node for the component is added to page source.:


the full page is designed , we can access the created the page and the
perform the required action.For the web service in the app ,  drop the
add method as a parameter form and the return as output text.Provide
values for a and b and verify the result.

Sample output page :


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