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    January 27, 2011

Creating a UI First Design

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This article explains creating a UI first design for enterprise applications.

Usecase Description

use case deals with developing a UI first design. Sometimes, it might
be required to develop UI, and data might not be readily available to
test the application. ADF provides a facility called placeholder data
controls, that act as place holders for any type of data control that
one might want to use. Place holder data controls contain sample data
entered directly, or uploaded via a csf file. The binding can then be
altered to rebind any other data control that one might choose to

This usecase will include steps to create placeholder
data controls, create lovs, create a master child relationship all using
a UI first design approach with manually entered sample data. It will
also show rebinding datacontrols (in this case ADFBC).


1. Create a Fusion Web application.

Create a placeholder Data Control from File -> New Gallery ->
Business Tier -> Data Controls -> Place Holder Data Control.


3. Select Placeholder in Data controls,right click & create place holder data type with 2
attributes of number and String datatypes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for createp.JPG


4. Enter sample data for both.


5. Click OK to create the Place holder data type.

6. Create another Place holder data type with 2 attributes of Number and String data type.

7. Choose the String attribute and select Use LOV Binding Checkbox


8. In the ensuing dialog, select the String attribute as list data type,
and shuttle the display items to the right and click OK.

9.Click OK on the Create Place Holder Data Type Dialog.

10. In the View controller, create a jspx page, and drag and drop the PHDC as an ADF Form.

11. Create another ADF Model project with ADFBC components based on Dept Table.

12. Open the jspx page, and click on the String field and choose Bind to Data control.


13. Choose Dname from under DeptView1


14. Run the page to see the rebinded Data control.


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