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    February 11, 2011

Changing Endpoint URL for a Web Service Data Control

When you move your application from Development to Production, there is more often then not, a need to change the web service endpoint URL in your ADF application. If you are using a Web Service Data Control(WSDC), you can do this in more than one ways. The following example illustrates how this can be done.

At Design Time

If the application workspace is in your control, you can quickly do this by updating the definition in DataControl.dcx file:


Along with this, you will also need to change the endpoint in connections.xml. So invoke the Edit Connections dialog:


Then, change the endpoint URL.


At Deployment

Another way to change is changing the endpoint at the ear level, at deployment. So when you select Deploy -> Application Server at the Application level, it will bring up a Deployment Configuration dialog, in which you can edit the WSDL URL:


Also, change the Port URL:


At Post Deployment

If your need to change this post deployment, you can do it through Oracle Enterprise Manager. But for this, your application needs to be configured with a writable MDS repository. It is recommended you use a Database MDS store during deployment.
So have your application configured (by having an entry in adf-config.xml) and server configured (by having a MDS store registered). Once done, you can configure the ADF Connection in EM for this application:


Change the WSDL location here on 'Edit':


Also, change the Port using Advance Connection Configuration:


Change the Endpoint Address here:


Apply Changes and you are done!

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  • Vishal Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    Ok, I get what you are trying to achieve here. Unfortunately it will not work as the wizard only accepts a full WSDL path.


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