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Take Your SQL Skills to the Next Level with this Free Online 10-Part Tutorial

Kristen Salem
HR Communications Manager

Written by Chris Saxon.

SQL. You’ve mastered the basics. You write where clauses in your sleep. You can throw together a join with ease.

But you can’t help but feel there’s more to it.

You’ve played with subqueries, but struggle to get to grips with them. You’ve seen colleagues perform SQL wizardry, transforming rows to columns. But you don’t know how. Null continues to confound you.

SQL is the most widely used data access language there is. So whether you’re a developer, data scientist or DBA, you’ll encounter it often during your working life.

Top-notch SQL skills is an asset that will pay dividends throughout your career.

To help you do this, we’ve created Databases for Developers: Next Level, a free 10-week bootcamp. It will take your Oracle SQL skills to the next level and set you on the path to SQL mastery.

This self-paced course starts each module with a video on a database topic.

Then, so you can practice your newfound skills, there follows a LiveSQL interactive coding tutorial. And, to fix the material firmly in your memory, we finish with a set of quizzes designed to reinforce the key points.

The first module starts on Monday, 14 May.
You can register for free now!

Missed the start? No problem!

You can join Databases for Developers: Next Level at any time. The course is 100% online and available whenever you have time for more SQL. Dive right in!


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn on this course?
There are ten modules in the course. The first nine cover the topics below and the final reviews all the course material.

-  Module 1: Null
-  Module 2: Subqueries
-  Module 3: Sorting and Top-N queries
-  Module 4: Analytic Functions
-  Module 5: Pivot and Unpivot
-  Module 6: Union, Intersect & Minus
-  Module 7: Hierarchical queries
-  Module 8: Merge
-  Module 9: Read consistency
-  Module 10: Course Review. Includes a live Q&A.

How much does this cost?
Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. That's right, it's 100% FREE!

I missed the start. Can I still join?
Yes! You can join Databases for Developers: Next Level at any time

When does the course end?
The modules have no fixed end date. Once you're registered you can take open classes whenever you want

How much time will it take?
We estimate that each module will take up to 30 minutes to complete

What if I fall behind?
This is a self-paced course. Once registered, you have lifetime access to these materials to review at any time. So you can complete it at your leisure. But to get the best value from this course we recommend that you complete each module in the week it opens.

What is the format of this course?
The course is a combination of videos, coding tutorials and quizzes. Each module starts with a video introducing the concepts. An interactive coding tutorial follows, allowing you to put these ideas into practice. Finally a series of quizzes reviews the material, ensuring you’ve mastered the principles.

Do I need access to an Oracle Database?
No! This is a fully online course. We’ve designed the materials so you can complete the course without a database.

I don't have access to an Oracle Database. Where can I practice what I've learned?
Head to LiveSQL. This is a free, browser based tool you can use to write SQL.

Will I get a certificate for completing this course?
Yes! If you complete all the exercises then we'll send you a certificate of your achievement.

Which language is this course in?
All the videos and quizzes are in English. The videos include English subtitles

I don't know anything about SQL. Is this course right for me?
This assumes a working knowledge of SQL. If you're starting from scratch, take Databases for Developers: Foundations first.

I already have a good working knowledge of SQL and Oracle Database. Is this course right for me?
We've designed this course to level up your SQL skills. If you're stuck at basic joins, this class is perfect. If you're an advanced user there may be little new for you. But it never hurts to brush up your skills, right? ;)

I still have unanswered questions. Where can I ask them?
You can reach out to Chris Saxon on Twitter.

Ready to join? Head to the registration page and sign up!

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