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Take a Deeper Dive into New Oracle Academy Curriculum and Resources

Rebecca Dinan Schneider
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By William McRae, Educator

Now that the new academic year or term is well underway for all of us, I’m back in the staff room discussing working with a new group of students and the opportunities that it brings. In the classroom, students are still excited about the material we’re working on.

I have a diverse mix of subjects I’m teaching, including database design and programming and programming in Java—and for the first time I have applications development as well.  With first- and second-year diploma and degree classes here in the U.K., I have a wide range of abilities to cater to this year.

Thankfully, I have Oracle Academy curriculum to back me up. I have been a member of Oracle Academy since 2009, across two higher education colleges, and have attended teacher training events in multiple curriculum. I use Oracle Academy curriculum in my classroom as the main delivery tool for all subjects relating to database and programming subjects, and I’ll be introducing the students to applications development this year, so that will be something new for both of us.

New curriculum offerings

There are lots of new additions to the Oracle Academy curriculum this year. I’ve reviewed the updates and I’m impressed with what I see. There’s a new course, Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning in Java, which I’m checking out to see how I can use it to introduce this important topic to my students. AI and machine learning are the future, after all!

I also note there is a brand-new section called Oracle Academy Education Bytes, which are made up of hands-on labs, videos and presentations, and projects and challenges. I think I can use these to aid my in-class delivery. With the Education Bytes at different levels from beginner and intermediate up to advanced level in Java subjects, it means that all my students will be accommodated. If I have a range of abilities in one class, no one will get left behind, as they all can work on the same exercises with different levels of assistance to suit their current levels of understanding.

I watch the new videos, including the Oracle Innovate: Lessons from Entrepreneurs series; interesting. I realize I can use these to start discussions and give the students insight into the professional world that they are heading into. These look like a great resource for my students to get insight into what young entrepreneurs should know, and there are some nice examples of the personal development they can focus on to help them achieve their ambitions.

Delving deeper into these Education Bytes, I’m pleased to see there are hands-on labs for different technologies that include some short duration content. The new content on big data looks especially interesting, and I look forward to trying it out with my more advanced student groups. It’s always been difficult to give the students practical experience in big data, but not now!

My students and I are excited to continue exploring these new Oracle Academy resources throughout the school year.

Continue to engage your students this year with Oracle Academy database and object-oriented programming (Java) curriculum, Oracle Academy Education Bytes videos and presentations, hands-on labs, and projects and challenges, and the new Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning in Java course.

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