Winners of the Java Competition – Programming in Greenfoot for students in Romania announced

April 8, 2024 | 3 minute read
Orlaith Lawton
Senior Marketing Manager Oracle Academy EMEA
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Oracle Academy and the Adfaber Association are delighted to congratulate the winners of the eight edition of the Java Competition – Programming in Greenfoot for high school students in Romania.

Organized by the Adfaber Association, with the support of sponsor Oracle Academy, the competition challenged high school students passionate about technology to create their own game or interactive lesson in the Greenfoot platform.

The Java Competition – Programming in Greenfoot is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to test their computer science knowledge and develop skills necessary for future programmers. Participants have access to free online educational resources that help them learn the basics of Java programming and then validate their knowledge by participating in the competition.

Competition winners

The jurors, volunteers with experience in programming and testing, analyzed each project individually, taking into account aspects such as functionality, innovation and aesthetics.

First place - The Pathfinders team, with the project “Defenders of the Mystic Isles” ranked first. The project was created by students Bischin Daniel and Corabian Andrei, from the Gheorghe Lazăr National College in Sibiu, under the coordination of teachers Preda Georgeta and Popescu Carmen.

“The game we created is similar to Tower Defense games, to which we have modified an essential element: the way enemies move. Unlike classic Tower Defense games, enemies will not follow a clear path, they will move towards towers, even being able to attack them! Thus, the player's goal also changes: instead of building towers to prevent enemies from reaching their destination, he or she will have to build them strategically to defend a base, a fortress. The game consists of several levels (5) that the player must defeat, their difficulty increasing with each level completed.”

Second place - The Merdenea team, with the project “Starry Night” ranked second. The project was created by students Ghinea Mihnea Dragoș and Andrei Tudor Alexandrescu, from the Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science in Bucharest, under the coordination of prof. Boca Alina.

“In the heart of a picturesque town, nestled in the middle of rolling hills and whispered forests, lies the enigmatic Callington Manor – a grandiose mansion covered in secrets. You will step into the shoes of Mr. Alex Hawthorne, an experienced detective renowned for solving the most difficult cases.”

Third place - The Byte Me team, with the project “Last Light”, ranked third. The project was created by students Voicu Nataşa and Sasu Sebastian, from the Constantin Cantacuzino National Pedagogical College in Târgoviște, under the coordination of prof. Nedelcu Claudia.

“We came up with the idea of a game in which the player has to dodge obstacles thrown at him in order to reach the enemy and defeat him. The player is in the role of Last Light, a young woman born of light and who represents humanity's last chance to return the sun stolen by monsters.”

We congratulate all participants for their effort and their passion for programming.

Interview with the winners of the Java competition – Programming in Greenfoot 2024

We had the honor to discuss the projects with some of the winning students in an interview in which they describe their experiences. We invite you to watch the video.

Other memorable competition projects

In addition to the projects ranked in the top three places, we would like to mention the following teams that caught the attention of the jury, and also to extend our congratulations to all participants for their achievements.

The Innotion team impressed the jury with the project “Power Physic”. The team included Picu Sara, Diaconeasa Ioan-Andrei and the coordinating teacher Vlad Cătălina Estera, from the Ienăchiță Văcărescu National College in Târgoviște.

The A&&J team impressed the jury with the project “Thief Hunter”. The team included Grosu Alex, Argeșanu Johnny-Ștefan and the coordinating teacher Sebeni Alina Maria, from the Mihai Eminescu Theoretical High School in Bârlad.

The QWERTY team impressed the jury with the project “Police Simulator 2”. The team included Novac Ianis, Munteanu Cristian and the coordinating teacher Carmen Avramescu, from the Sf. Iosif National Catholic College in Bacău.

Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in the competition, and well done to the winners! We look forward to seeing you at the next edition!

Orlaith Lawton

Senior Marketing Manager Oracle Academy EMEA

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