Teenage learners participate in Oracle Academy summer coding bootcamp in Nigeria

September 28, 2023 | 3 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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In the summer of 2023, Oracle Academy sponsored a transformative coding bootcamp for 35 teenage learners in collaboration with Slum2School Africa, in the vibrant community of Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria. Slum2School is a volunteer-driven development organization transforming society by empowering underserved children in remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psychosocial support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers. The four-week long bootcamp was held between August 21 – September 16, 2023.

Oracle Academy Summer Coding Bootcamp is a program designed to equip teenagers with tech skills for personal development and empowerment. The topics covered include Programming with Java, Gaming and Animation using Alice, Career Advancement, and Leadership. These skills are instrumental to helping the students become well-rounded, and the topics were highly appreciated by the learners.

The bootcamp was an incredible experience for our participants, who had the chance to dive deep into the world of interactive games, 3D animation using Alice, and programming in Java. The knowledge they gained is invaluable as they continue to pursue interests and careers in technology.


The program objectives included:

Skills development: Equipping participants with fundamental coding skills, focusing on languages such as Python and JavaScript.

Inclusive learning: Ensuring access to quality education for underserved communities by providing a supportive learning environment.

Community engagement: Building a sense of community and collaboration among participants, fostering a supportive network for ongoing learning.

Some achievements recorded from the bootcamp were:

Skills enhancement: The learners exhibited remarkable progress in coding proficiency and showcased their ability to solve complex problems.

Project excellence: The project showcases by different teams highlighted innovative applications addressing local challenges, emphasizing the potential of technology in community development.

Empowered learners: Beyond coding skills acquired, participants expressed increased confidence and aspirations for future educational/career pursuits.

Community impact: The bootcamp contributed to Oracle Academy’s mission of improving education in underserved communities, demonstrating the transformative power of technology.


One of the highlights for the learners was the visit to the Oracle Office at Ikoyi. Being able to experience firsthand a professional technology leader environment left a lasting impression on the learners and gave them a glimpse into their future career possibilities. They were warmly received by Oracle Nigeria Country Leader, Segun Ajayi, and other Oracle Volunteers:

Adeola Adenubi

Chinedu Chilekezi

Goke Orija

Lara Chiedu

Osaretin Omosigho

The students were delighted to be able to participate in a mentorship session with the Oracle professionals, a wonderful addition to the program.

Orondaam Otto, Executive Director of Slum2School Africa, said, “Global trends emphasize the critical role of technology in academic curricula, and our collective responsibility is to ensure that this integration is inclusive, reaching those who might otherwise be left behind. The partnership with Oracle exemplifies our commitment to this cause and serves as a testament to the 17th sustainable Development Goal, which emphasizes the need for partnerships to achieve the SDGs.”

“As we celebrate the success of the first year of this collaborative partnership, we are appreciative of the commitment of the entire Oracle team who volunteered and supported this program. We also are excited about the plans towards sustainability and scalability of the program. We believe that this would be a stepping stone towards reaching more young people from marginalized communities, offering them not just skills but a passport to a future full of possibilities and reminding them that their dreams are valid.”

The Summer Coding Bootcamp was a resounding success and the collaboration with Slum2School Africa underscores the importance of working together to address educational disparities and augment diversity and inclusion. Oracle Academy remains committed to supporting initiatives that empower underserved communities, and we look forward to future collaborations that build on the success of this transformative coding bootcamp.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.


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Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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