Technological University Dublin organizes Oracle Academy APEX Rapid App Development Hackathon

May 16, 2024 | 2 minute read
Danny Gooris
Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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To meet the growing global demand for programmers and developers, higher education institutions leverage tools and applications which enable rapid application development, a software development model that puts emphasis on adaptive process and is usually driven by user interface requirements. Oracle APEX is one of the core components of that model at Oracle, and is a tool of choice for five Oracle Academy institutional members from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, and Croatia that work together on an EU-funded (Erasmus+) project, named “RAD skills” that started in 2022. The project aims to leverage Oracle Academy Cloud resources, namely Oracle Autonomous Database and APEX, to develop an extensive set of course materials that can be utilized by their students. Learn more  here.

One of the institutions that has collaborated on this project is Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Ireland, the first technological university and the second-largest third-level institution in the country. It is there, in the bustling halls of TU Dublin's Tallaght Campus, that an atmosphere of excitement and innovation prevailed on April 30, 2024, as students gathered for the Oracle Academy APEX Rapid App Development Hackathon. Hackathon participants spanning various academic years embarked on a transformative journey of learning and collaboration. Guided by industry experts Matt Mulvaney from Pretius and Keith Eccles from Oracle Ireland, students delved into the intricacies of rapid application development, honing their skills at an astonishing pace.

As Roisin Faherty (whom our members probably remember from this member spotlight article) and Keith Nolan, both organizers of this exceptional event and lecturers at TU Dublin, emphasized: This hackathon was not just about competition but about empowering students to unleash their potential. In just five hours, teams produced impressive projects that tackled pressing sustainability issues. From energy-efficient solutions to energy management dashboards, each project was a testament to the students' creativity and technical skills.

This hackathon served as a platform for students to showcase their newfound skills and passion for leveraging technology for positive change. Through hands-on experience and mentorship, they not only developed skills in rapid application development but also gained invaluable insights into the power of collaboration and innovation. As the event drew to a close, it was clear that the Oracle Academy APEX Rapid App Development Hackathon had equipped students not only with practical skills but had also instilled in them a sense of purpose and confidence to drive meaningful change in the world.

As an associate consortium member of the “RAD Skills” project, Oracle Academy will continue to contribute to its successful rollout and share its achievements with our global member community. Stay tuned for more good news from the “RAD Skills” project team coming soon!


Danny Gooris

Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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