Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast episode 20 explores business intelligence

April 8, 2024 | 1 minute read
Denise Hobbs
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America
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In this episode of the Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast, host Tyra Crockett Peirce, Oracle Academy Senior Manager, North America, chats with Cathye Pendley, Oracle Ace Director. As a business intelligence expert, Cathye spends time with Tyra discussing all things business intelligence (BI) including a high-level overview of BI, industry utilization of BI, and the skills students need to pursue a career in BI.

To start, Cathye focuses on providing a high-level overview stating that BI has the superpower of turning data into actionable insights that drive better business decisions. She goes into detail about the importance of analyzing data in meaningful ways as a means to support business decisions such as performance and trend identification.  

Cathye then shares how different industries utilize BI in unique and efficient ways, specifically calling out the construction, retail, higher education, and consulting industries. This episode closes with Cathye giving guidance on job roles that utilize BI and the industry skills students should consider building in preparation for a career in BI.

You can listen to this episode and other episodes of Oracle Academy Tech Chat on standard podcasting platforms.

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Denise Hobbs

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America

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