Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast episode 14 explores how graph database and analytics can help with data insights

October 10, 2023 | 1 minute read
Denise Hobbs
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America
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In this episode of the Oracle Academy Tech podcast, Oracle Distinguished Product Manager Melli Annamalai joins host Tyra Crockett, Senior Manager Oracle Academy North America, in discussing tools for data insights. Melli gives Tyra an overview of graph analytics and shares how, when making connections in your data, you can find hard-to-see patterns. These patterns can help you see new insights in your data.

Melli explains how any data can be modeled as a graph, but clarifies that graph data models can co-exist with other data models as well.  Finally, Melli offers Tyra real-world examples of graph analytics and recommends where those interested can find graph analytics learning material.

You can listen to this episode and other episodes of Oracle Academy Tech Chat on standard podcasting platforms.

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Denise Hobbs

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America

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