Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast episode 13 examines what data scientists do

September 26, 2023 | 1 minute read
Denise Hobbs
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America
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What does a data scientist do? In this episode of the Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast, host Tyra Crockett, Senior Manager Oracle Academy North America, addresses this question with Oracle Principal UX Data Scientist Ping Mamiya Chao.

To begin, Ping shares with Tyra her transition story from academic research scientist to data scientist. She talks about her background in magnetic resonance (MR) brain imaging, genetic sequencing, and language learning, and how it informed her interest in working with large data sets, big data, and computer programming. 

Ping also gives Tyra a high-level explanation of data science including information about what role data scientists play in analyzing data. Ping provides examples of data science utilization for consideration.

Finally, she provides advice for anyone interested in exploring a career in data science and the skills needed to be successful.

You can listen to this episode and other episodes of Oracle Academy Tech Chat on standard podcasting platforms.

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Denise Hobbs

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America

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