Oracle Academy supports Indonesian National ICT Teachers Forum webinar

April 15, 2024 | 2 minute read
Damian Haas
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC
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On February 23, 2024, the National ICT Teachers Forum (FGTIKKNAS) in Indonesia hosted a captivating webinar for numerous ICT teachers across Indonesia. Under the theme "Understanding the Adjustment of Informatics Learning Outcomes in the Implementation of the Independent Curriculum," the event aimed to delve into how the informatics curriculum in Indonesia aligns with the new Independent Curriculum. Oracle Academy collaborated in these endeavors to facilitate the integration of IT subjects into secondary schools.

This webinar held particular relevance given the substantial changes in the education curriculum in Indonesia, with learning outcomes assuming primary importance in assessing students' competencies. Over 700 ICT teachers from various educational levels, spanning from junior high school to vocational high school, participated in the event to deepen their understanding of how these adjustments impact informatics learning in their respective institutions.

One of aspects discussed was the pivotal role of Oracle Academy in bolstering IT education in Indonesian secondary schools. As a philanthropic program offering complimentary academic teaching and learning resources, Oracle Academy has made notable contributions towards enhancing the quality of informatics education in Indonesia. Through granting access to curricula, learning materials, cutting-edge technology, and other resources, Oracle Academy aids ICT teachers in delivering more effective and pertinent instruction to their students.

Attendees of the webinar not only gained a clearer grasp of the concepts underpinning the new curriculum but also gleaned practical insights from experts and practitioners in informatics education. Case studies and exemplary practices shared during the event served as a wellspring of inspiration and guidance for ICT teachers as they navigate the challenges posed by the new curriculum.

Consequently, the webinar represented an important stride towards enhancing the quality of informatics education in Indonesia. The backing from Oracle Academy instills optimism that IT education in secondary schools will continue to progress and remain pertinent in confronting forthcoming challenges. Following this event, numerous schools in the country have begun registering as Institutional members of Oracle Academy. These registrations can be attributed to teachers who have been utilizing the Oracle Academy curriculum at the K-12 level, and have subsequently shared the alignment of this curriculum with the K-12 educational framework.

Damian Haas

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC

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