Oracle Academy Sub Saharan Africa bootcamp empowers students in Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX

April 9, 2024 | 3 minute read
Danny Gooris
Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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On March 21, 2024, undergraduate students across Sub-Saharan Africa joined the Oracle Academy Students Bootcamp focused on Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX. Under the theme ‘Leveraging Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX For Enhanced Learning’, the event aimed to equip students with essential skills in cloud computing and low-code application development.

Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA, set the stage for the event with a keynote welcome address. She presented on Oracle Academy’s commitment to advancing technology education worldwide by providing educators with free computing and technology resources including full curriculum, learning resources, cloud technologies, and Oracle APEX for teaching and learning. Furthermore, Richardson provided an overview of the Oracle Academy Cloud and APEX programs. The APEX platform provides educators with a dedicated instance designed specifically for classroom use, providing the perfect environment to support labs and applied practice for Oracle Academy’s database and APEX-focused curriculum. With the Oracle Academy Cloud Program, educators and students can teach, learn, explore, build, and develop in the cloud, free of charge.

Following the keynote address, Uzoma Ekwebelem, Oracle Cloud Country Leader in Nigeria, delivered a heartfelt goodwill message to the students. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the technology industry, she spoke on the transformative impact of cloud computing on businesses and society at large. With compelling examples, Uzoma highlighted the advancements in cloud technology, from driving innovation to fostering global connectivity. Her message encouraged the students to explore cloud computing and carve out their career pathways to success.

The first training session of the bootcamp commenced with a hands-on session on Oracle APEX, a low-code development platform empowering users to create scalable web applications with less code. Facilitated by Oracle’s Principal Technology Solution Engineer Marion Karanja, students learned how to leverage APEX to develop and deploy mobile, web, and desktop apps in the cloud productively to streamline business processes and accelerate innovation. The practical exercises enabled the students to grasp the fundamentals of application development, from designing user interfaces to integrating advanced functionalities. Oracle APEX provides compelling solutions for a variety of use cases; whether it is simple spreadsheet replacement, or a mission-critical enterprise system used by thousands daily.

The second training session on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was facilitated by Ismaila Salami, Senior Account Cloud Engineer at Oracle. Through the engaging presentation and interactive demonstration, students gained insights into the vast potential of cloud technology in driving efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, participants acquired knowledge about the fundamental infrastructure of Oracle Cloud and its integration with databases, as well as insights into security, administration, monitoring, and management practices.

Beyond technical skills, the Oracle Academy Virtual Bootcamp fostered a culture of continuous learning and collaboration among participants. Through live Q&A sessions and virtual networking opportunities, led by Bekere Amassoma, Oracle Academy Program Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, students engaged with Oracle industry experts and peers from various countries across Africa, exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

“The Oracle Academy SSA Students Bootcamp provided me with the inspiration to delve into cloud computing and Oracle APEX for my future goals. The well-structured lessons were easy to follow, especially for beginners like me. I highly recommend this bootcamp to fellow undergraduates interested in Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX due to its rich insights and practical approach. It has taught me a lot and I'm grateful to Oracle Academy for organizing such thoughtfully curated programs for students across Africa,” said Peter Lokong, fourth-year student, Technical University of Kenya.Top of Form

By collaborating with educators at leading universities, colleges, and technical schools globally, Oracle Academy supports and enables students to increase their knowledge and gain practical experience in digital skills, preparing them for successful careers in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Through the Oracle Academy Sub Saharan Students Bootcamp, moderated by Lorna Juma, Oracle Academy Program Manager, Eastern Africa, participants gained valuable skills and knowledge that will help in their academic and professional journeys, as well as drive innovation and transformation in their communities and beyond.

Danny Gooris

Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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