Oracle Academy staff presents program to EU Club Orizont university members

June 12, 2024 | 2 minute read
Danny Gooris
Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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Oracle Academy, as Oracle’s global philanthropic educational program, is open to educators around the world to advance technology education, skills, innovation, and diversity and inclusion. Part of our cooperation with higher education institutions in EMEA includes close collaboration on EU-funded projects, like RAD Skills, CodeIn, or BeeApex, all already covered in our blog articles recently.

Through such strategic partnerships and collaborative projects, we foster an environment where academia meets real-world challenges, resulting in impactful outcomes benefitting not just our members but the broader educational community globally.

It is no surprise then, that we engage closely with organizations sharing similar objectives, like Cormack Consultancy Group (CCG), a UK-based consultancy that has been supporting universities across Europe for 22 years and has a network of over 600 universities, helping them develop transnational education. Their Club Orizont service specifically supports their partner universities keen to improve their success in accessing EU (and other) funded projects. Since 2022, an important part of their activities revolves around helping Ukrainian universities.

And that is exactly where and how Club Orizont and Oracle Academy got in contact and began discussing how to help together higher education institutions leverage free Oracle Academy benefits and Club Orizont team expertise to utilize EU funds opportunities better.

Part of that effort was an on-line event, organized by Club Orizont team for their members on April 18, 2024. Hosted by Elena Bozdog, Club Orizont Manager from CCG Team in Romania, the event introduced Oracle Academy program benefits to more than 60 higher education institution representatives from Europe, Africa and Asia. The Oracle Academy Program Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Darko Jureković, also shared interesting lessons learned and advice from Erasmus+ projects supported so far by Oracle Academy.


As Elena pointed out: “Cormack Consultancy Group plays a pivotal role in facilitating twinning projects between prestigious UK universities and institutions across Europe. As a trusted intermediary, we leverage our extensive network and expertise to forge meaningful partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries. Our role extends beyond mere facilitation; we provide comprehensive guidance and logistical support throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring seamless integration and effective knowledge exchange."

For Darko, “this was a marvellous opportunity to present our program benefits to many universities we haven’t been in contact yet, especially in Ukraine, where we see a great need for our support on all levels at this historical and pivotal moment for the country. Our cloud resources may really benefit institutions there to address infrastructural and logistical challenges to teaching and learning and where our first-hand experience in participating at EU-funded projects may also assist their efforts of both joining EU and digitally transforming education at the same time.”

Based on the positive feedback received from the participants, our intent is to continue and expand this cooperation, as more opportunities to foster academic collaboration on Erasmus+ and similar projects will continuously open in 2024 and beyond. Oracle Academy remains committed to drive forward our mission to utilize technology to advance knowledge, empower students, and address pressing societal needs.

Danny Gooris

Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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