Oracle Academy Romania volunteers delivers the first hybrid hands-on workshop for almost 100 participants

June 8, 2023 | 3 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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With the goal of increasing students’ knowledge of Oracle APEX, Oracle Academy and Oracle Volunteers in Romania worked together to run our first hybrid hands-on workshop on May 17, 2023.

We want to say, “Thank you!” to the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies who were very involved on behalf of their students and arranged to have the in-class event in one of their laboratories.

The event started with a presentation of Oracle Academy benefits for students and teachers delivered by Camelia Ditescu, Oracle Academy Program Manager in Romania, followed by an introduction into what the cloud is and an overview of the Oracle Cloud offering delivered by Andrei Manoliu, Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Database Platform Technology Solutions team.

Roxana Chiriacescu, Account Cloud Engineer, guided the students through a workshop, available on
Oracle LiveLabs platform for anyone to try out. The workshop shows users how to use Oracle APEX, Twitter API, and machine learning to extract the sentiment of tweets.

Using Oracle APEX, Oracle's low-code development platform, and Twitter API, cx_Oracle creates a connection from your local execution of the Python library, Tweepy, and an Oracle Autonomous Database. This data is processed and fed through a machine learning algorithm to capture distinct tweets' sentiments (positive, neutral, or negative).

The event participants on logged in from seven universities from five cities in Romania, including the capital city, and used their individual Oracle Cloud tenancy provided for free through the
Oracle Academy Cloud Program. For those students that couldn't fulfill the prerequisites in time, they were provided by the volunteers with the Tweets dataset needed to run the lab. The volunteers also complemented the workshop by showing how an APEX app can be improved by adopting the Universal Theme which provides a responsive UI and many other cool features, such as Theme Roller.

“Oracle Academy was my first journey into the Oracle technology universe, when I was in high school, and ever since I started working for Oracle many years ago, I wanted to pay it forward for the next generation,” said Roxana Chiriacescu. “I find it also fulfilling to set challenges for myself and to overcome them; it's the best way to develop myself. Preparing to deliver a workshop and trying to teach others is the best way to sediment my own knowledge on a topic and gets me out of my comfort zone. Besides the students learning new cool things about technology and getting new perspectives on IT trends, we as volunteers learn a lot in the process. This was a volunteering effort of several Oracle colleagues. A huge THANK YOU to all for your dedication and support in this challenging hybrid workshop! I couldn't have put any of this into motion without you!” she said. “Thank you dear Camelia Ditescu and Oracle Academy for allowing me to try out this bold idea of a hybrid hands-on workshop!”

“It was my first experience with Oracle Academy and I really enjoyed working with the team. I met a group of people from different teams, different backgrounds, and different locations, and all helped to prepare and deliver this session. When delivering the presentation, I enjoyed the curiosity and the energy the students had, and that made the experience unique. I’m happy I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and my expertise with them, and I’m looking forward to new collaborations,” said Andrei Manoliu.

“Every time we ask Oracle Academy to come to our students with case studies, news regarding technology or to share their knowledge, they don’t hesitate to visit us. This time they have outdone themselves by coming with a hybrid interactive workshop which the students loved,” said Anda Belciu (Velicanu), PhD, Associate Professor, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Databases – Support for Business Master. “I appreciated all the parts of the event, which made it so interesting: the presentation of Oracle Academy benefits, the technical and theoretical aspects about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the APEX hands-on training. The volunteers from Oracle were really professional and we all (students and myself) have learnt from them. Thank you so much!”

For the success of this workshop, we want to thank the Oracle team from Romania who worked together:


  • Roxana Chiriacescu, Account Cloud Engineer
  • Andrei Manoliu, Principal Product Manager
  • Alex Banu, HRIT Manager, DevOps
  • Andreea Munteanu, Principal Member of Technical Staff
  • Daniel Placinta, Technical Support Engineer
  • Fanel Secara, Member of Technical Staff
  • Teodor Istan, Tech Cloud Sales Representative
  • Camelia Ditescu, Oracle Academy Program Manager

Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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