Oracle Academy offers free engaging virtual teaching and learning resources for educators and students

April 28, 2020 | 4 minute read
Rebecca Dinan
Global Marketing Communications Manager, Oracle Academy
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Now more than ever, virtual learning options developed by expert educators are critical resources that teachers need to keep learners engaged. Oracle Academy continues to support its member institutions and educators with essential 21st century curriculum, teaching and learning resources, software, and tools—all free and available using only a browser.

Institutional membership in Oracle Academy is free, and offers institutions and educators a wealth of benefits, including robust and engaging curriculum centered on Java and database, developed by educators and mapped to international standards—plus Oracle Academy Education Bytes, workshopsand much more.

In addition to curriculum and teaching resources, all easily accessible online in our learning management system, Oracle Academy offers free professional education and trainingso educators can keep up on the latest technology and share their knowledge with students.

Moving institutions to the cloud for virtual learning

Oracle Academy is proud to collaborate with educators worldwide to provide virtual professional education and training on the free Oracle Academy program and the latest technology. In turn, many attendees take part in “train the trainer” programs in which they share their knowledge with other educators.

For example, the new Oracle Academy Cloud Program provides Oracle Academy Institutional members with always-free access to Oracle Cloud Free Tier, Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute Virtual Machines (VM), object storage, data egress, and other essential building blocks and developer tools needed to create applications so educators and students can learn, build, and explore in the cloud.

The University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji joined a virtual workshop on how to use the new Cloud program to enhance its educator and student experience in classrooms across the Pacific. USP is the first Oracle Academy Institutional member in Fiji, and offers programs through distance and flexible learning throughout its 14 campuses across the Pacific Islands. Oracle Academy is working with the university to provide the foundational computer science courses that impart relevant computing knowledge and industry skills. Michelle Gao, Oracle Academy country manager, and Jian Li, Oracle Academy principal instructor, provided educators with an online demonstration on how to sign up and register themselves and their students to use the cloud for classroom learning.

In the same way, in Chile, Duoc UC, a non-profit, private higher education institution and a long-time member of Oracle Academy, is using the cloud program to provide teaching continuity to 6,000 computer science students. The program is supporting and training faculty to teach database modeling, database programming and other courses, helping them to deliver the courses remotely and using the cloud as a lab for students to practice, complete projects, and work on other tasks.

At the University of Kansas Business School of Business, Analytics and Information Systems, academic areas are leveraging the new cloud program to teach students in new and interesting ways. Faculty use the Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle R Studio to teach students how to manage, analyze, and visualize data. To learn about these technologies, students watch asynchronous short mini lectures with videos from faculty, Oracle experts, and other partners. They then access these Oracle products via the Oracle Academy Cloud Program from anywhere to complete their assignments. This has allowed students to make the required shift to the temporary online delivery of classes much more rapidly while minimizing the effect on the quality of their education.

Providing online professional education to teachers worldwide

The Ministry of National Education in Turkey (MoNE) recently launched a “distance education” program for teachers to support their professional and personal development. The ministry will open 17 virtual professional development training programs on various computing topics aligned with the country’s 2023 Education Vision. The training programs are accredited by UNESCO National Commission of Turkey. As part of this program, Oracle Academy is delivering Java Foundations and Database Foundations virtual training to 53 teachers across Turkey through May 2020, coordinated by Oracle Academy country manager Sena Aydogan.

In Serbia, educators from numerous institutions successfully completed online Database Foundations training in March 2020 with Oracle Academy instructor Dusa Vukovic. These teachers are now prepared to teach courses in the subject and earned continuing professional development hours. Also in March, in Italy Oracle Academy held a virtual Programming with PL/SQL course for 23 educators, organized by Oracle Academy program manager Roberta Battagli.

In Indonesia, Oracle Academy held a two-week long virtual training in database for 45 educators from top private and government universities in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and IT as part of its Fresh Graduate Academy, Digital Talent Scholarship. Additionally, 250 teachers in the country attended a live virtual interactive tour of the upcoming Oracle Academy Member Hub, which will offer members and students a cloud-based, sophisticated technology platform for teaching and virtual learning. The presentation was conducted in the local language by Nurul Huda, Oracle Academy country manager.

Both educators and students had the opportunity to attend Knowledge Builder seminars in Latin America presented in Spanish and Portuguese by Oracle experts on topics including cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and more.

For students, Oracle Academy celebrated the global Girls in ICT event in April by holding a virtual Girls in ICT week event all across Latin America. The event, which welcomed young women students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico, featured Oracle and Oracle Academy women leaders as inspiring speakers who shared personal stories about their career paths and working in tech.

On a continuous basis, Oracle Academy collaborates with our valued institutional members and educators around the globe. We thank you for joining us in our mission to advance computing education around the world to increase knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields.

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Rebecca Dinan

Global Marketing Communications Manager, Oracle Academy

Rebecca leads global marketing communications strategy and tactics for Oracle Academy.

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