Oracle Academy North America team hosts fireside chat with NetSuite SuiteLife Channel Director and NetSuite Solution Provider Partner Oasis Solutions CEO

May 15, 2024 | 2 minute read
Denise Hobbs
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America
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On April 17, 2024, Oracle Academy Sr. Director Denise Hobbs hosted a fireside chat event with Chris Hering, NetSuite SuiteLife Channel Director, and Aaron Rosenberg, NetSuite Solution Provider Partner and Oasis Solutions CEO. More than 100 individuals registered for the event, which included academic faculty, students, and Oracle employees from across North America and Europe.

Chris and Aaron covered three major themes, which included first, a discussion on the technology trends that are influencing ERP systems today; second, what students should learn of those key impacts as they prepare for professional career roles; and finally, what the best strategies are for NetSuite partners, like Oasis Solutions, to leverage their expertise and knowledge in order to help the next generation prepare to step into talent pipeline.

When discussing the technology trends that faculty should consider integrating into the classroom when teaching ERP concepts, Aaron responded: “Trends that faculty should be aware of when integrating ERP curriculum are the enhancements with AI which will impact how end users interact with ERP systems. Potentially, areas such as reporting or forecasting will be done largely within AI components in the very near future.”

Finally, Chris and Aaron shared their thoughts on important skills recent graduates should strive to highlight to future employers, such as the willingness to be innovative problem solvers, having a strong work ethic, and knowing when to ask for assistance.

Denise wrapped up this fireside chat with questions from attendees covering a multitude of topics including a better understanding of how a NetSuite corporate partner, such as Oasis Solutions, can engage with higher education faculty and students to help advance student success.

“The Oracle Academy podcast series taps the passion of industry leaders who are eager to share their experiences with emerging university talent and truly demonstrates how industry intersects with higher education,” stated Chris.

Oracle Academy continues to work with educators and partners to engage, inspire and prepare students to become innovators and leaders of the future. Please visit our blog regularly to see the latest news and check out the Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast.

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Watch the webcast here.

Denise Hobbs

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America

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