Oracle Academy North America team hosts fireside chat event with NetSuite Founder and Oracle EVP Evan Goldberg

November 28, 2023 | 2 minute read
Denise Hobbs
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America
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On November 8, 2023, Oracle Academy Vice President William ‘Willie’ McCabe hosted an exclusive fireside chat event with Evan Goldberg, NetSuite founder and Oracle Executive Vice President. The virtual event attracted more than 900 registrants, which included academic faculty, students, and Oracle employees from across the globe.

Through a series of thoughtful questions from Willie, Evan delved into what it is like to be a leader in today’s ever-changing technology landscape and the challenges of being a technology innovator and disrupter.

Evan took time to answer each question with intent and purpose. He described the problem he was trying to solve when he started NetSuite and ways it helps business owners and organizations scale, as well as Larry Ellison’s role in prompting NetSuite to be the first cloud company. He highlighted skills and experiences that were instrumental to his success, identified individual qualities that help make a good leader, and detailed his thoughts on what the next big disruption would be in the technology industry.

When answering the question, “What individual qualities make a good leader?” Evan’s response is succinct: “Vision and empathy. As a leader, you should be able to communicate and inspire people with your vision. Empathy is listening to and understanding for whom you are doing this work and the problem that exists so you can create a solution. To achieve vision successfully, you must have empathy.”

Finally, Evan shared with the audience his thoughts on important skills recent graduates should strive to highlight to a future employer and advice as to why those skills are key.

Willie wrapped up this fireside chat with questions from the attendees covering a multitude of topics such as mentoring and coaching as well as identifying specific components that lead to business success and future planning.

“It was a pleasure to host this session with one of Silicon Valley’s most innovative leaders,” said Willie. “We are delighted Evan was able to share insights into his early vision for NetSuite as the first cloud company, as well as provide our students with an understanding of skills and experience that can make a strong leader and tips on how to succeed.”

Thank you, Evan, for an informative and inspiring conversation!

Oracle Academy continues to work with educators and partners to engage, inspire and prepare students to become innovators and leaders of the future. Please visit our blog regularly to see the latest news and check out the Oracle Academy Tech Chat podcast.

Oracle Academy offers free NetSuite access to business programs as well as focused Education Bytes learning modules. Not a member of Oracle Academy? Join today! (It’s free.) If you have any questions, please contact us.

Watch the webcast here.

Denise Hobbs

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, North America

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