Oracle Academy Italy, in conjunction with Diversity Opportunity, hosts final student presentations on the “Digital Cloud Journey”

April 23, 2024 | 3 minute read
Orlaith Lawton
Senior Marketing Manager Oracle Academy EMEA
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Recently, Oracle Academy Italy, in conjunction with Diversity Opportunity, hosted the final student presentations on the “Digital Cloud Journey.” The event opened with a greeting from Orlaith Lawton, Oracle Academy Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, who highlighted how Oracle Academy Italy's project and investment in students is clear evidence of advancing diversity and creating opportunities for individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. This project offers an opportunity to make a difference in the evolution of the world related to artificial intelligence.














Sharing ideas and respecting others' ideas is strategic for the innovative systems and processes of artificial intelligence, enabling the implementation and realization of projects that add value to organizations and technological innovation processes.

On the final day, the competing teams had the opportunity to present their project ideas to a jury composed of Oracle Italy personnel:

  • Laura Liguori, Human Resources Business Practices
  • Alessia Cacciotti, Human Resources Specialist
  • Cosimo De Castro, Sales Public and Academy
  • Roberta Battagli, Oracle Academy Marketing Manager, Italy

Professionals from the Oracle world evaluated the teams' ideas, contextualizing them within the company environment and stakeholder needs, and analyzing their concrete elements for feasibility and implementation in the information technology market.




The CyberPuppies team proposed an integrated solution with AI capable of implementing a technological product in response to the theme of continuous training.

The project encompassed a progressive path in four defined stages that foster the development and consolidation of digital and technological knowledge, with the implementation of an AI system capable of supporting this skill development and becoming an element of innovative and continuous support and learning.


The team "NOI" (Now on Internet) proposed a technological solution based on the use of applications that implement fast learning systems centered on AI methods. The project involves a linear path that can be defined by the user according to the learning experience they desire, with the possibility to moderate content and timing to work on and enhance their digital and technological skills based on specific needs and priorities.

In evaluating the projects, the jury deemed the "CyberPuppies" project the winner, positively assessing it in terms of understanding of the content and assigned objectives, proposed technological and digital innovation, realization in the job market in terms of feasibility and cost-effectiveness, and presentation of the idea and product in terms of communicative skills and engagement.




The last meeting of the Digital Cloud Journey underscored how the enhancement and investment in new digital skills are once again a distinguishing factor that allows for the shaping of a professional future that stands out in a new and creative way within the job market.


Giving voice to the ideas of young people and their diversities, with visions and predictive projections regarding the future and its possibilities, not only allows for the creation of innovation but also lays the groundwork for change.



Orlaith Lawton

Senior Marketing Manager Oracle Academy EMEA

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