Oracle Academy Italian educators and students discuss the cloud and the impact of AI at event in Rome

March 20, 2024 | 3 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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The third Innovation Revolution Lab of the Digital Cloud Journey project, promoted by Oracle Academy Italy, was hosted March 7, 2024, in the Oracle office Rome, Italy.  Competing teams present their projects to analyze the strengths and critical points in the implementation of AI ​​projects.  Each team created a project based on AI.


  • The First Team shared its point of view regarding the opposing team's project: it proposed some suggestions regarding the presentation and contents of the project, proposing the use of more interactive elements to maintain high interest and promote greater participation. The team highlighted how the opposing team's project presents reasoning errors in the methodological choices, especially with respect to the focus of the contents.


  • The Second Team shared a system of solutions to the critical issues identified in the first team's project. The areas for improvement identified were linked to understanding, interactivity, creativity, training, and contents relating to the project. In particular, the team highlighted how the usability of the project is not fully effective due to the use of a non-linear language, proposing the possibility of implementing a communication system more focused not only on the contents, but also on the recipients of the project.


Will the teams make use of the counterarguments and advice proposed? We will find out together on April 18, 2024, during the final event of Digital Cloud Journey, at the final presentation of the projects, their possibility of development and a feasibility assessment of projects.


The Digital Cloud Journey project reconfirms Oracle Academy's commitment to the educational growth of young people. The events highlight the value of the Oracle Academy program, its curriculum, and career center, which help create a professional path for students. The center helps learners explore and make connections between academic curriculum and career pathways with professional training with the option to explore Oracle professional certifications. These include always-free preparation resources and the exam for OCI Foundations Associate professional certification.


The students’ focus is not only on the mastery of digital technologies and tools, but also on the implementation of AI systems, capable of enhancing the capabilities of the future work.


Oracle Academy helps educators foster the technology knowledge and skills of all students, including the underrepresented, by providing free teaching and learning resources that make technology engaging and accessible. We provide access to the latest tools to help educators increase student success and develop career-ready skills in the era of cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, the Internet of Things, and beyond.


By working globally with educators at top universities and colleges, technical schools, and secondary schools in more than 130 countries, we help the next generation of technology innovators, disruptors, and leaders hone their knowledge and attain hands-on practice in digital skills that help launch them toward fulfilling careers.


Not yet a member of Oracle Academy? To learn more about Oracle Academy’s free technology education curriculum and resources, explore joining Oracle Academy as an Institutional member.



Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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