Oracle Academy Indonesia holds webcast with collaborators and stakeholders APTIKOM and Ministry of Communication & Informatics

October 31, 2023 | 3 minute read
Damian Haas
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC
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On October 10, 2023, Oracle Academy in Indonesia held a webcast with its collaborators, the Association of Higher Education in Computer & Informatics (APTIKOM), and the Ministry of Communication & Informatics (MCI). The webcast, titled “How Higher Education Addresses the High Demand for IT Skills in the Industry: Technology Trends and Innovations to Watch,” underscored the vital role of higher education institutions in meeting the rising demand for IT skills in today’s job market.

This virtual event attracted numerous education leaders and faculty members from both private and public universities in Indonesia that offer computer science programs. The swift evolution of technology has revolutionized the job market, leading to a growing need for IT skills in various industries. Consequently, higher education institutions are now tasked with preparing students to meet this demand and adapt to the changing technological landscape.

The webcast aimed to highlight the role of higher education institutions in addressing the increasing demand for IT skills in the current job market. Distinguished panelists, experts in their respective fields, shared their perspectives on the latest technology trends and innovations shaping education.

The webinar was hosted by Nurul Huda, Oracle Academy Country Manager for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei Darussalam. Husni Teja Sukmana, Ph.D., the Secretary-General of APTIKOM, opened the event with remarks encouraging higher education to embrace technological developments and leverage teaching resources provided by Oracle Academy and other global technologies to expedite digital transformation in higher education under APTIKOM.

The webinar featured three distinguished speakers, each offering unique insights into the future of IT education. Their talks provided a comprehensive perspective on IT and education trends.

  • Eyla Alivia Maranny, Head of Fresh Graduate Academy - Digital Talent Scholarship at MCI, highlighted that in support of digital transformation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has provided guidance on five key steps to accelerate digital transformation. One of these steps involves preparing digital HR requirements, which has been articulated in the MCI Strategic Plan through the Human Resources Development Agency. This initiative has led to the launch of the Digital Talent Scholarship program, which has been in operation since 2018. Oracle Academy has actively supported and participated in this program since 2020, and the number of students involved has reached 7,898.
  • Muhaemin, Director of the Informatics Professional Certification Institute (LSP) at APTIKOM, discussed the opportunities and challenges in the field of data management in the face of technological disruption during the RI 4.0 era.
  • Soleiman Oscar Pello, Managing Director of Dedomena Pte Ltd, an Oracle partner headquartered in Singapore, shared insights on how generative AI could impact various industries and shape the future of IT education.

The insights provided by the panelists underscored the evolving technological landscape and the need for educational institutions to remain at the forefront of these advancements, creating a balanced ecosystem to support digital economy facilitators and accelerators within the quad helix (government, industry, education, and association).

Through their commitment to innovation and staying updated on the latest trends, these organizations not only prepare the next generation for the dynamic world of IT but also significantly contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the IT sector in Indonesia. This event stands as a testament to their commitment to bridging the gap between education and industry needs, ultimately paving the way for a more technologically empowered future in the country.

Damian Haas

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC

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