Oracle Academy holds “Running MySQL on Cloud Environment” workshop for Hong Kong educators

January 11, 2024 | 2 minute read
Damian Haas
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC
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On November 10, 2023, in conjunction with the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education, more than 110 teachers attended a workshop entitled “Running MySQL on Cloud Environment.” The workshop aimed to prepare teachers responsible for teaching the ICT Curriculum Elective Module A – Databases and arm them with key knowledge. 

Mr. Ivan Ma, Master Principal Sales Consultant and MySQL User Group Lead at Oracle, gave participants a keynote opening address, sharing his experience and the latest developments in MySQL. He noted that deployment of MySQL Databases can be as simple as "do it yourself" using Cloud Services. The workshop then covered running MySQL on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as "Database Service using MySQL HeatWave". It allows extreme performance of MySQL using HeatWave and machine learning capability, with in-database machine learning.

Additionally, leaders from two champion schools and curriculum development officers (HKEDB Information Technology in Education Section) were invited to share their practical experience in teaching databases in the Diagnostic Feedback System ICT curriculum aimed at assisting teachers in curriculum planning and using various tools and/or services to teach databases. Participants had the opportunity to discuss and explore the use of different tools in teaching databases, as well as running MySQL in a cloud environment, through practical discussion with colleagues and experts.

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In fact, Oracle Academy recently worked with the Oracle MySQL Community Team to launch two new Education Bytes focused on MySQL. Members access all resources through the Oracle Academy Member Hub, an intuitive, state-of-the-art learning management system including MySQL teaching resources and curriculum. Members simply log in on the home page of

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Damian Haas

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC

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