Oracle Academy bootcamp across French-speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa empowers students on Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX

April 19, 2024 | 2 minute read
Danny Gooris
Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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On March 22, 2024, undergraduate students across French-speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa joined the Oracle Academy Students Bootcamp focused on Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX. Under the theme ‘Leveraging Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX for enhanced learning’, the event aimed to equip students with essential skills in cloud computing and low-code application development.

The bootcamp started with Annick Sakho, Country Leader, Oracle Cote D’Ivoire, delivering a heartfelt goodwill message to the students. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the technology industry, she spoke on the transformative impact of cloud computing on businesses and society at large. Annick’s message encouraged the students to explore cloud computing and carve out their career pathways to success.

Following the keynote address, Danny Gooris, Director, Oracle Academy EMEA, presented on Oracle Academy learning resources. He noted Oracle Academy’s commitment to advancing technology education worldwide by providing educators with free computing and technology resources including full curriculum, learning resources, cloud technologies, and Oracle APEX for teaching and learning.

The training session of the bootcamp commenced with a hands-on session on Oracle APEX, a low-code development platform that enables users to create scalable web applications with less code.

Facilitated by Delpech Ahoue, Head of IT Department, Regional Directorate of National Education, San Pedro, Cote D'Ivoire, the bootcamp offered students a two-part training series. The first session, on application development using Oracle APEX, equipped them with the skills to build mobile, web, and desktop apps in the cloud. Through hands-on exercises and live labs, students learned the foundations of app development, from user interfaces to advanced features. The second session explored Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The facilitator's engaging presentations and demonstrations showcased the power of cloud technology for efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. Participants gained valuable knowledge about Oracle Cloud, database integration, and security best practices.

Oracle Academy focuses on collaborating with educators worldwide, offering free curriculum and resources in tech-critical areas like cloud computing, application development and databases. The program equips students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to thrive in today's rapidly changing job market.

Danny Gooris

Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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