Oracle Academy attends closing of 2023 and opening of 2024 Talent Scouting Academy of Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics

March 7, 2024 | 2 minute read
Damian Haas
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC
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Oracle Academy recently attended the commemoration of the conclusion of the 2023 and the commencement of the 2024 Talent Scouting Academy (TSA) program of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MCI) alongside other global technology collaborators and representatives from various education institutions in Indonesia. Oracle Academy collaborates with the Ministry on the TSA, which is part of the MCI’s Digital Talent Scholarship program.

The Digital Talent Scholarship program is comprised of a series of competency development programs in the ICT field aimed at students in their 6th semester and under, equipping them with the requisite technology knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the rapidly evolving digital landscape of the modern workplace.

The TSA program collaborates with the "Kampus Merdeka" program from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, which employs a micro-credentials system. This system facilitates the conversion of Oracle Academy curriculum and learning materials into academic credits, integrating the curriculum into the university courses.

The TSA 2023 program report showed that 46 faculty members from 26 institutions were engaged in using Oracle Academy resources, and that Database remained the most popular curriculum subject, followed by Java curriculum, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations, and Primavera Project Management Fundamentals. A total of 1,728 students accessed the Oracle Academy learning platform in the Member Hub, with 1,368 students successfully completing the courses (85.98%), and 81 students obtaining professional certification as Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate.

The TSA's 2024 program target is to engage 2,000 students, who will undergo learning from 50 selected faculty members from 22 institutions who have participated in professional development programs.

Dr. Ir. Hedi M. Idris, M.Sc, the Head of the Center for Professional Development and Certification at MCI, emphasized in his opening remarks, “Quoting World Bank data, Indonesia is estimated to require 9 million digital talents by 2030. Achieving the target of producing an average of 600,000 digital talents annually is challenging and difficult to fulfill without support. Oracle Academy, as one of MCI’s collaborators, plays an active role in supporting MCI DTS programs to achieve the target.”

The collaboration between Oracle Academy and MCI in the TSA program underscores their pivotal roles in meeting the demand for professionals with ICT skills in the current job market. Ultimately, this collaboration aims to pave the way for a brighter future in the field of technology within the country.

Damian Haas

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, JAPAC

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