Oracle Academy and Oracle Volunteers work together to help students in Romania develop full awareness of needed IT career skills

February 9, 2024 | 2 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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Oracle Academy provides educational institutions with the resources they need to help educators develop core computing knowledge and skills aligned to industry standards, and using current technologies so they can teach students the skills they need to succeed.

To support their students, university professors sometimes request help for students with their final projects to better understand the skills and knowledge they need for technology sector careers. Such a request came from Mrs. Simona Varlan, Lecturer PhD at the Facultatea de Informatica, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași.

Oracle Academy worked together with our colleague at Oracle, Mr. Valentin Robu, Manager, CSS Tech Delivery, Global Expertise Center, who volunteered to help university students develop their graduation thesis in the area of database.

“Last year I collaborated with Mr. Valentin Robu to coordinate a number of undergraduate students regarding their graduation thesis. He had the patience and pleasure to explain to the students how to analyse and develop a project with examples from personal experience, as well as to explain and recap the theory of relational databases. He also gave each student instructions regarding their graduation project,” said Mrs. Varlan. “I would like to thank him on behalf of myself and the students and hope to collaborate again in the future.”

“Research by Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman showed that every $1 invested in quality early childhood educational programs can yield returns between $4 and $16,” said Mr. Robu. “You can't build anything by yourself: not a single object, not a house, surely not a career. Any project is fulfilled by the adhesion of several people around an idea. It doesn't matter if the idea floats in the air, if it's someone else's, or if you pick it up on the fly. It is important that it appears, attracts, convinces, arouses enthusiasm. In short, it should be so seductive that it challenges you to invest a sense of life in it. Oracle Academy it is such an idea,” he said.

Oracle Academy is proud to support educators and their students by providing free academic curriculum and associated member benefits such as the Oracle Academy Cloud Program and learning resources to participating member universities. We continue to involve Oracle Volunteers in supporting students to learn, grow, and take charge of their futures.

Our thanks to Mr. Valentin Robu for giving of his time and knowledge to the students.



Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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