Italian educators and students participate in “Building the future with Oracle Academy” initiative

July 10, 2023 | 2 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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In collaboration with technical colleges ITIS G. Armellini and ITIS Fermi, Oracle Academy in Italy developed a cross-collaboration skills and guidance project, “Building the future with Oracle Academy,” known as PCTO.  The project involved 20 students, who, when they were divided into four working teams, were able to put their creativity into play in the design of an application. The application was linked to a theme of great importance and topicality today, gender equality for a future free from gender prejudice.


In an interview, Prof. Marzia Gentilini, Oracle Academy member at ITIS Fermi, explained that in their meetings, students took advantage of an immersive training opportunity to use new technologies as strategic solutions for building business and sustainability ideas, and challenged themselves in a hackathon of innovative ideas. The experience allowed them to experiment with teamwork dynamics, consistently supported by Oracle professionals guiding them. “In addition to working on specific projects, they have been able to deepen and develop specific skills in digital technologies, communication, public speaking, and networking,” she said.


“The project was hugely successful among students and professors and the winning project, entitled “For Equality,” was presented at the last event held at the ITIS Armellini educational campus, which also was attended by the Oracle Academy program manager for Italy, Roberta Battagli,” she said.


“Once again, the importance of PCTO activities is confirmed, where the school and a company join together to collaborate in the education of students by diversifying the places, methods and times of learning, giving students the opportunity to expand their skills, even in terms of career guidance,” she noted. “The PCTO is important for us as professors, because it gives us the opportunity to stay in tune with a present that evolves quickly. In fact, teaching in a technical school with a computer focus requires effort to stay updated continuously, and the working reality with which we come into contact through the PCTO allows us to keep pace with current needs and also adapt our teaching while staying up to date,” the professor said.


“Oracle Academy is delighted to support Italian students and educators in exploring the theme of equality through information technology and learning,” said Battagli.

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Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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