Empowering future tech leaders Oracle4Girls workshop introduces girls to Java programming in Sevilla, Spain

October 20, 2023 | 2 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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Oracle4Girls on October 7 brought the Oracle Academy Getting Started with Java Using Alice programming workshop featuring Alice3 to over 70 young girls from the beautiful city of Sevilla, Spain, for the first time. This remarkable initiative brought together volunteers from various departments within Oracle Spain, with the active involvement of the Oracle Academy team. The aim was clear: to make science and technology more appealing to young girls and continue the mission to increase female representation in STEM careers.

This workshop was structured to cater to two different age groups, each tailored to their learning needs.

The first group, comprising girls aged 4 to 7, embarked on an exciting journey into the world of creativity. With the help of Alice3 and its intuitive programming environment, they learned how to create scenarios, craft dialogues, design characters, and even experiment with basic movements, all without writing a single line of code. The energy and enthusiasm these young minds brought to the workshop were truly remarkable, proving that the spark of curiosity is alive and well in the hearts of future tech leaders.

The second group, consisting of girls aged 7 to 11, delved a bit deeper into the world of programming. They were introduced to the basics of coding, with an emphasis on problem-solving and logical thinking. The girls paid rapt attention to instructions, working together to complete the tasks set before them.

Before diving into the hands-on activities, the workshops began with a simple but revealing question: “What do you think you might like to study in the future?” The initial responses ranged from traditional aspirations like doctors and teachers to the more recent interest in becoming social media influencers or fashion designers. However, it was the transformation in their aspirations after the workshop that truly showcased the impact of Oracle4Girls.

As the young participants immersed themselves in the world of technology and programming, they discovered a potential newfound vocation. Some of them realized that they enjoyed programming, a revelation that broadened their horizons for future careers. The shift from mentioning conventional profession choices to more tech-oriented ambitions at the end of the workshop, demonstrated that when young girls have opportunities and exposure to the wonders of the IT sphere, they are more likely to envision themselves as future innovators and leaders of the industry.

By tailoring fun STEM learning workshops around curiosity, creativity, and collaboration to specific age groups, Oracle4Girls ensures that each participant receives an age-appropriate and engaging learning experience. As these girls grow and pursue their ambitions, they will carry with them the knowledge, skills, and confidence instilled during their participation in the Oracle4Girls workshop.

Thank you to all the Oracle Volunteers who gave of their time to this great event!

Link to publication: Talleres presenciales Sevilla - Oracle4Girls (x-ternalmarketing.es)

Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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