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Oracle Academy Sponsors InfoEducatie Event in Romania

Jane Richardson
Senior Director, EMEA

This year Oracle Academy was one of the sponsors of the event InfoEducatie, Galaciuc, Vrancea, which took place August 2-8, 2019.

At the event, the students met the Finch robot and could participate in a three-hour contest that involved teams of two-three students collaborating to write code to activate the robot. Students had two hours available to blind code, and at the end they presented to a jury what they intended to do with the code written for the robot, and what actually happened! The demonstrated their results by showing the Finch robot in action based on their code. More than 40 students took part in this fun, hands-on event.

Here are some comments from the students and their teachers:

“Finch robot has reached InfoEducatie event at Galaciuc! It was a great pleasure to introduce him and to play with the students participating in the competition. It was really a challenge and an adventure at the same time,” said Mrs. Miana Arisanu, teacher at Colegiul National Mircea cel Batran, Rm. Valcea. “We all learned by playing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We had fun when Finch danced, or when he drew some curved lines like he drew a flower. Thank you for giving me an outstanding memory. I hope many of the participants will continue the adventure!”

“We took part in a wonderful experience, filled with curiosity, dedication and joy. We believe that the Finch robot is a fascinating helpful ‘instrument’ when it comes to active learning, creativity and team spirit,” said Angelina Panescu, a student who participated in the event. “We cannot wait to complete a new challenge with the amazing robot, Finch!”

“A unique experience was the workshop with five students from the Republic of Moldova who were also present at the camp for a math competition. Although they were not programming at school, they were receptive and were happy to see their first lines of code translate into the movements of a robot,” said Mrs. Antonia Haller, teacher at Colegiul National Mircea Cel Batran, Rm. Valcea. “I did not intend to spend almost three hours in the company of children from the Republic of Moldova, curious to find out what Finch can do, so I had proposed an hour-long workshop!”

“I joined my colleagues Miana Arisanu and Antonia Haller, to present to the participants at the InfoEducatie event, as I had successfully participated with my students. We have participated in the Adoptabot contest organized by Brunel University London since 2015, a team competition which involves the realization and implementation of a beautiful story in which the Finch robot is the main character. The technologies that can be used in robot programming are different; students can choose the one that is easier, depending on their age or personal experience,” said Mrs. Adriana Cheres, teacher at Liceul Teoretic “Nicolae Balcescu”, Cluj-Napoca.

Oracle Academy was pleased to be a sponsor of this fun, exciting event that introduced students to hands-on coding. Learn more about our workshops available in many languages, including Programming the Finch Robot.