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Oracle Academy and the USAID BUILD-IT Alliance Advance Work-Ready Skills and Computer Science Curriculum at Six Vietnamese Universities

Damian Haas
Regional Director - JAPAC

During a U.S. Presidential State visit by Barack Obama to Vietnam in 2016, Oracle Academy was recognized by President Barack Obama for its collaboration with USAID and Arizona State University to advance computer science education in Vietnamese universities. Oracle Academy is an integral partner in the Building University-Industry Learning and Development through Innovation and Technology (BUILD-IT) Alliance in Vietnam.

This video shows how our collaboration is enriching computer science education at six Vietnamese universities.

The BUILD-IT Alliance is a public-private ecosystem implemented by USAID and Arizona State University to prepare Vietnamese engineering graduates with work-ready skills. Through partnerships with Oracle Academy and Vietnamese universities, BUILD-IT partners are building high-quality and in-demand academic programs in Vietnamese computer science and STEM education fields. BUILD-IT’s partnerships and programs leverage their shared capacity to foster curricular innovation, quality assurance recognition, and leadership development in Vietnam’s leading technology and engineering universities. “This partnership with Oracle Academy demonstrates the impact of industry-government-academia coming together around a common interest to closely collaborate, leveraging people and resources to create local impact,” said Jeffrey S. Goss, Associate Vice Provost for Arizona State University.

To support BUILD-IT’s partner universities, Oracle Academy provides a complete portfolio of software, curriculum, hosted technology, faculty training, and certification resources to these educational institutions. Faculty can flexibly insert Oracle Academy’s teaching resources into their computer science, statistics, and business programs, ensuring that students gain industry-relevant technical skills before graduation.

Since 2016, Oracle Academy and BUILD-IT continue to support six leading universities to integrate Oracle Academy resources into their computer science curricula. As of February 2019, Oracle Academy and BUILD-IT have delivered six faculty training programs for 200 participants. Once the faculty complete the training, they are ready to insert Oracle Academy’s iLearning resources into their programs and provide their students with the skills they’ll need for their high tech careers. To update the faculties’ skills, Oracle Academy offers multi-day online and in person train-the-trainer programs in Java Programming, Database Design, Database Programming, and Application Development.

To further support the education sector in Vietnam, Oracle Academy is sponsoring the upcoming STEMCON Conference in DaNang, which is an annual conference convening 300 leading stakeholders in Vietnamese technology education development. Oracle Academy will join STEMCON 2019 as a distinguished panelist and partner.

Watch the new video on the BUILD-IT project.

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