WebLogic Weekly Holiday Edition 2012: Rockstar Smoke Test, Arch2Arch Podcast, 12c in Action, TLogs in the Database, 12c is Cloud, WLST Best Practices

Seasons greetings from Oracle and the WebLogic Server team! We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

This week we have an interesting cross section of blogs from across the WebLogic community, including a podcast from members of the Product Management team discussing some of the thinking behind WebLogic Server 12c, a Rockstar Smoke Test and other technical nuggets.

WebLogic 12c (=Java EE 6 Full Profile Edition) And A Server Smoke Test

Java Rockstar Adam Bien runs WebLogic Server 12c through his renowned Java EE 6 Server Smoke Test and made some nice comments on its performance and size.

Tested were: Stereotypes (encapsulating @Named and @RequestScoped), @RequestScoped, @Named CDI-Beans, Injection of EJB 3.1 (no interface view), into CDI bean, @Singleton,@Stateless, CDI-events, POJO-injection, Interceptors
The server is lean and fast. Startup and deployment performance is good.


Arch2Arch Podcast: Unwrapping Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Get the lowdown on WebLogic Server 12c in this recent ArchBeat two-part conversational podcast with Will Lyons, Jeff West and Pieter Humphrey from the Product Management team

The reduction in download size of the zip distribution produces a download about 1/6th of the earlier size ...

http://streaming.oracle.com/ebn/podcasts/media/11286334_weblogic12c_part1_121411.mp3 http://streaming.oracle.com/ebn/podcasts/media/11309261_weblogic12c_part2_122111.mp3

Jeff describes using the new Maven plugin provided in WebLogic Server 12c in conjunction with Hudson to create an end-to-end dev-to-test lifecycle and use it as continuously monitored Hudson job. You mean like this Jeff?

[Weblogic 12c] New feature TLog Store

Julien Schneider discusses and shows how to store TLogs in a database, one of the many new features in WebLogic Server 12c.

In weblogic pre-12c, Transaction logs were file-based only. In weblogic 12c this has been enhanced with the possibility to store TLogs in a database. Here are the guidelines to achieve this ...


WebLogic 12c in Action

René van Wijk from the MiddlewareMagic team has published a very extensive blog showing everything ... well I'll let him describe it himself ...

In this post we are going to put WebLogic 12c to work. We start with setting-up our playground by installing VMWare WorkStation and creating a RedHat Enterprise Linux virtual machine. We continue by setting-up a basic WebLogic domain. Next, we set-up a cluster. Here, we show by using a WLST script how to set-up service migration for JTA and JMS. Once the clustered environment is set-up, we build an application that uses JavaEE6 features in order to test the environment.


WebLogic 12c and Coherence: OTN Virtual Developer Day in Jan/Feb 2012

Java EE evangelist and all-around good guy, Arun Gupta, has a blog post with some information on the upcoming OTN Virtual Developer Days. Without giving away too much, I think we can expect to see a little bit of Arun himself in these sessions, giving us all the good oil on Java EE 6.


Running Weblogic 12c as it is meant to be: in the Cloud

This is a very enterprising blog post with Laurens van der Starre's interesting perspective on running WebLogic Server 12c in the Cloud. I should point out that we don't support this, but it's an interesting analysis and description of how you can run WebLogic Server 12c directly on a hypervisor in the Oracle VM.

Installing it is super easy, just follow the instructions from the included README.txt, or read some of the bazillion blog posts about installing this version of Weblogic ... However, do we notice the “c”? Doesn’t this “c” stand for cloud? So let’s do something interesting with it. In this post I’ll show you how to run Weblogic 12c directly on your hypervisor in Oracle VM.

Love to see the community at work, pushing the boundaries ... :-)


5-Part WLST Best Practices Series

In what could be called this weeks slightly-retro section, I came across a blog from Bala Kothandaraman in which he consolidated a collection of best practices for WLST that he had authored over time, into a single blog entry.



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